Boys, meet winter

In the midst of the aforementioned cold snap, I found myself in the presence of two very house-bound toddler boys. Now, some littles are content to sit with a puzzle or contentedly browse books (so I’ve heard). My gang is more of the “Run Mama, RUN!!!” breed. They have this need to wrestle and jump and tumble. They like to build and explore and experiment. They’re on the, er, busier end of the boy-scale.


No plans.

I share the following, not cuz they’re the most amazing ideas, but because when you’re a mama looking to cultivate a ‘whole home’, there is a need to embrace ‘the boy’ in the boys and just…go with it.

The tools:
Cloud Dough
– Potatoes
– Hockey Sticks
– Boys
– Intentional choice to: smile, look away, breathe, and dance in the (spilled, mess of) cloud dough while chasing potatoes…










To all you cold-bound busy mamas…you’re not alone! 😉



3 Responses to “Boys, meet winter”
  1. Kristin says:

    I think our boys would get along well… They are on the end of rough and tumble, though they have their moments of peace… Mostly the love adventure and exploration.

  2. lol pretty sure my kids would be right in there with them. Our leather ottoman upstairs (which thankfully is huge, cushy, and pretty safe as far as these things go) has been jumped on, off of, and over to so many times in the last few weeks the foam is breaking down and the edging is wearing out. And you don’t want to see my couches (let’s just say they’re getting far beyond the good old slip-covering fix).

    I’m going to have to try potatoes and hockey sticks.

  3. Ha, ha, Dee! I love the potato hockey idea! And I love your boys! You’re such an awesome Mama.

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