Frozen Flow

We are nearing the end of deep and nasty cold snap here on the prairies. Apparently, an Arctic system settled over our area and was the cause of temperatures plummeting to -45 midweek—ouch! The funny thing with winter out here is that we always know that it’s coming, yet it somehow always takes us by surprise. In a way, it’s like labour and birth: it’s coming, I know it’s coming, it’s going to hurt, there are some very real and unavoidable steps approaching, but until it really hits I kind of forget what it’s like.

This particular week of reality and cold brought about a few things. For one, it froze the water pipes on my home. Yuppers. With -40 outside we were snug and cozy inside…without working toilets or taps. Day One was fine and fixed and lent a feeling of “Look at me, I’m such a pioneer! Day Two brought colder temperatures, a deeper freeze to the pipes, a UTI, cranky kids, and a more-than-ridiculous tantrum from me (granted, most women wouldn’t be a fan of crawling under a mobile home with a blow torch, at 38weeks pregnant, on the coldest day of the year!).
The week also brought harsh temperatures to the north where Big Oil was hoping to do some ‘fracing’ (an industrial term for the controversial procedure in which the earth is cracked open to release the black gold and, potentially, contaminate much of the surrounding ground water….). Fortunately (for me and the earth and the medic-husband overseeing the safety of the workers) the pause on the procedure and the tantrum from the wife gave an unexpected approval for an overnight trip back home.

In a matter of a minutes, the same cold front that had stopped our water and given me ‘cause’ for attitude, was sending my husband home for a day. Now that was an unexpected twist!

We were able to tuck in and share two nights and a day as a family. We ordered pizza, played games, drank coffee, and discussed value systems and approaches to problem solving and expectations of life and love. I napped. He played. I almost cooked. He cleaned.

Sometimes our coldest and most uncomfortable days end in unexpected reprieve. And sometimes, we wake up to something even colder. Either way, if it’s -40 and we’re still waking up, we’ve got it good.

Back to the waiting.


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