in the now and not yet

For some, there is an emphasis on certain theories surrounding the second coming of the Christ (think terms such as millennialism, pre-tribulation, rapture, dispensationalism, etc.). They know all ‘the signs’. The timing is clear. They’ve made preparations and they’re certain that everything in motion towards a soon and sudden end.

Unfortunately, as they interpret all things, they’re eyes often shift. The end is near, the Awaited One is coming; what value is there in the present? Get ready, look ahead, he’s coming soon!!!

These days, I have been drawn to a similar shift in focus.

Watching the signs.

Making preparations.

Looking forward.
Glancing away.
Certain that the coming is the now.

This morning, as I snapped at my boys and gave into frustration and annoyance, I was suddenly hit with a wildly important reminder:
These boys were ‘that coming baby’ only months and years ago. These lives were the focus of anticipation and wonder. These were my gifts.

And they are!

A coming wonder, a future season, a miracle in the making,
does not lessen the current wonder, the present season, the miracle made.

My opportunity in these long days of waiting is to be present.
See my boys. Embrace the made-miracles.
And yet, within presence and Presence, glance towards the horizon and hope….

2 Responses to “in the now and not yet”
  1. The Tea Bag says:

    You’ve captured it exactly: if we’re always looking ahead, we run the risk of losing the blessing of what we have right now. True, we’re looking for that coming, but right now we have so much with which we have been entrusted. How can we determine not to overlook the presence of the present?

    This spoke to me profoundly. Thank you.

  2. kimberley says:

    i needed to read this in the early morning hours and i’m lost in the profoundness of it all.

    “within presence and Presence…” breathtaking beauty.

    thank you for sharing this.

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