someday it’ll be a year from now

I realize this might be annoying, but this is where I’m living right now:
Thoughts on birth, waiting, and delay.

If you’ve never being pregnant, or if you’ve ever wondered at the experiences of the ‘overdue’, here is a glimpse.

Life happens in twelve hour segments. Every day I wonder “is this the day?” and be sure any daytime tasks are over-attended to for the home. Is there a simple lunch available for the boys if someone else needs to serve it? Are there diapers on hand or should I wash them all now? Is that a contraction? Hm…should I eat? Is there someone on hand for preschool pick-up if needed?
And every night I lay out one easy outfit for just-in-case and one for just-another-day. I recheck my bag and set them, again, by the door. I wonder, “Should I shower again now, or wait till morning? Should I do my hair? Is breakfast out for the boys in case I leave? Is the phone by my bed? Who’s home in case I need a ride?”

And that’s how it goes. Waiting and wondering. Trying to remain fixed on the bigger picture. Reminding myself that babies come when they’re ready. Telling myself that the plans and schedules of others are going to survive. Consoling myself that there will be butter chicken at the Tea House some other weekend 😉

And figuring out how to change the answering machine to “If you’re calling to see if Deanna is in labour, please hang up now.”

[And on the technical side of things: No, I don’t have any plans for induction and, at the moment, I’m just waiting it out and doing whatever natural methods of action I can find. To be honest, the thought of a chemical induction definitely freaks me out more than waiting an extra week or even two. Also, it looks like baby is still posterior (facing out) as his little fists and feet keep rolling around my front. I’m wondering if that’s slowing things down? Thoughts? If Baby hasn’t shown up by next weekend I’m considering stopping by the chiropractor and seeing if I can get things aligned and in place. BUT, I’m also not going to think much about that just yet. For now, it’s all about the day-to-day, the night-by-night, the living well in the moment.]

2 Responses to “someday it’ll be a year from now”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Aw. Good thoughts:) That is hard…always having to be prepared. I did not like that part either. Eat the curry and all other things…I went into labour (thinking it would NEVER happen) after eating a HUGE steak dinner! And I was fine. No throwing up and I actually think the meal gave me energy for what I needed to do. It all worked out. Eat whatever you want. Really. It’s the end and it is not gonna matter much. I would delve into the chocolate and such before breastfeeding. Seriously, may as well milk the overdue:)

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi-I was reading a post about your son and the ptceuris you took of his diapers. I believe my daughter is the exact same. She is 5 months right now and we will be going to a GI doctor soon, but I wanted to know if you had a specific place on your blog that listed recipes you did when you eliminated wheat, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. I have been dairy free for over a month and soy free for 2 weeks. Her temperment has changed, but her diapers look exactly like the ones you posted of your son’s. I am going to try to eliminate the tree nuts and wheat now to see if that helps at all, but I am finding a hard time thinking of things to eat.

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