you know you’re past due when:

–          When you eat 5 fresh pineapples in as many days

–          When your new answering machine message makes you giggle with sarcastic delight

–          When you go for a midnight run through the streets in pj pants and skidoo boots cuz you can’t sleep and this just might work

–          When you crave everything but have an appetite for nothing

–          When the pain of labour seems…appealing.

–          When passerbys give you the same expression they’d give a dog about to be shot

–          When comments about a New Year’s baby have shifted to jokes about a Valentine’s one

–          When you eat Caesar salad and chocolate cookies for breakfast, just cuz

–          When your post-partum baking stash has been consumed

–          When you begin to wonder if you can “give up pregnancy” for Lent

–          When the mamas who were due a week past you are already at home with their new babes

–          When the cookies baked for the delivery nurses are eaten and the cake baked a week later is stale.

–          When the oil riggers working around your husband actually know there’s a baby coming and wonder why it hasn’t arrived

–          When your children plead, “No mama, not another walk….”

–          When you’ve outgrown your maternity pants

–          When you’ve consumed your own as well as your peer group’s stash of castor oil

When you wonder  if it’s physically possible to simply be pregnant forever….

(we all need a laugh sometimes, right? Best to you this gorgeous Sunday! Rejoicing in the sunshine and warmth and Hope…)

6 Responses to “you know you’re past due when:”
  1. Lola says:

    If it makes you feel better or encourages you at all, in my experience, the most pleasant labors are ones that start spontaneously. I’ve never been overdue but I’ve definitely been measuring overdue so I know it can be uncomfortable. It will be great and you will do great!!

  2. haha! give up pregnancy for lent – that one made me laugh. i think you might just meet that goal 😉

  3. Kmarie says:

    Ha ha ha… You crack me up;) great!

  4. Ashley says:

    I laughed out loud in my kitchen! And then promptly called your house to hear the message. Thanks for not answering, lol. Wow. Well if babe still isn’t here by Tuesday night I am headed to the city and can pick you up some arnica!! That would be a bonus! 😉

  5. Sorry the pineapples aren’t working. I swear that’s what did it for me! (in either case, they’re delicious, aren’t they? And really…no harm in trying again…) =)

  6. Too funny! Man! I loved the one about your boys asking you not to take another walk. 🙂 Okay, little man, it’s time!

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