not sure what to expect

In twelve hours I’ll head to the hospital to begin an induction. It’s ‘just’ Cervidil, but outside of my sphere of experience and preference.

Any great tips? 😉

Going to go relax now and perhaps ask my husband to paint my toes as I can’t get anywhere near them.
Looking for a deep night’s sleep.

Hoping to share beautiful news before tomorrow’s end….

6 Responses to “not sure what to expect”
  1. My only tip is to trust God, and to know that the perfect labor experience is the one that gets that baby in your arms! I had one labor with all kinds of intervention and one with really none (because there really wasn’t time!) and I can promise you that I felt the same relieved joy with each baby’s first cry. Just relax, and don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

  2. D. says:

    the cervidil is way gentler than cytotec (way less potential side effects) and they will be monitoring you and baby very closely so you shouldn’t worry. I agree w/ above comment – the end result is the important thing!! Just relax and bring lots of reading material because it starts off really slow!

  3. Kristin says:

    is it just to soften the cervix to break your water? Not sure if i had the same thing, but they put some sort of pill (they told me it was actually some sort of heart medication) up near my cervix with 1st son who was pushing past 43 weeks . Water broke after 4 hours.. then labor commenced. If it is the same thing, i think you will labor just wonderfully… trust and rely on the One who already knows the outcome… and thank the Lord that your man will be there to support and meet his new little guy as well! God’s timing really is perfect even when it causes us to grow and learn in ways we wouldn’t of chosen.
    anticiapating the news and keeping your family up in prayer ,

  4. Lee-Ann says:

    WIll be praying! For me, thankfulness was key. Thankfulness for the help of medical intervention – even if it wasn’t my preference. Thankfulness in every contraction [this was immensely helpful for me in being able to relax] because your body is working as God intended through the amazing miracle of process of labour. There is a lot of “down time” as they monitor things in the beginning – I found this was an excellent time to journal and find my focus for the day. My mind was way to busy and scattered to read more any than a two paragraph devotional 🙂

    Praying you have a wonderful, blessed, miraculous day. Can’t wait to meet your little one!

  5. Alicia says:

    We cherish all the eventful birth stories. Hoping to still write them down one day. I remember with the cervadil experience, reflecting on the whole pregnancy as there was a long waiting time before labour began, though I would have leaned into even more rest.
    Lifting you in prayer as the journey continues & God’s perfect timing is revealed.
    Looking forward to glimpses of your baby.

  6. praying! Can’t wait to hear your news. You’ve been on my heart all morning!

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