a quick hello

two days old

I’m crazy over this babe.
He’s amazing.
He’s so beautiful. So mysterious. So perfectly wrapped in his dewy freshness and wrinkled newness and wobbling vulnerability.
I’m soaking him up. Snuggling and inhaling and celebrating his every breath.
What a gift.

We’re baby-mooning over here. I’m exhausted and letting myself feel it, cuz I can. I’m cared for and exceedingly happy. We have another full week of being a ‘complete’ family together before J’ heads away, and I’m willing each minute to take it’s time.

I’ve added some photos to the birth story post; check ’em out. I’m also eagerly anticipating more glimpses from our dear photographer friend, and can’t wait to share them as they come. This babe is to gorgeous not to stare at and photograph and brag about incessantly, so watch out 😉 I have a feeling this space might hover around reflections on birth and life and babies for a wee bit.

Anyways. A beautiful day here shared with family and moments and gifts and celebration. Now I must go to sleep as, pretty as he may be, this boy has his days and nights flipped and I’m not anticipating a whole lot of sleep in the next hours.

May you be blessed with glimpses of fresh, sweet life this weekend…..

5 Responses to “a quick hello”
  1. Kmarie says:

    I love that picture! So sweet

  2. Anonymous says:

    deanna! he is sooo precious! congratulations to you guys! i love his name–i think he’s gonna grow up to be one fine, chivalrous fellow! i hope you are doing well–miss you guys! the barkmans:)

  3. Keren says:

    Friend, I am just getting caught up on all the news! How amazing! I’m so glad that your newest little guy is here safe and sound…and with such an incredible birth story! Love the name. Love the photos of you all. So happy for you.

  4. He’s so beautiful. 🙂 Love the bare bum shot. 🙂

  5. Sara L says:

    What a juicy little man!!!!! Super sweet! So glad you’re getting to rest!

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