one week

Wow…one week!

One week ago tonight, I was becoming acquainted with my newest son and reveling in the story of his arrival. It’s hard to believe that a whole week has flown by already. It’s also hard to believe that he hasn’t been here all along.

Balian is amazing. We honestly grin and coo when we hear his rare and quiet cry and get to scoop him up for a feeding or an extra snuggle. He’s so content, so handsome, so quietly observant of everything around him. His brothers adore him and have hourly discussions on whose baby brother he is (“He’s my baby brother, not yours!”) while keeping me informed as to his needs (“Balian is happy!” “Balian needs me to hold him!” “Balian wants pizza!”). In the midst of it all, this little Justice seems to soak everything in with a wise and distant gaze beneath his furrowed brow, already appearing older and deeper than his days.

Here are a few more glimpses into the first days. I am utterly and completely behind on all articles, emails, phone calls, and everything else, but in these few quiet minutes I really can’t resist posting just a few more.

oh goodness!

the traditional "first walk photo"

probably the cutest cloth diaper ever worn (bamboo Bluberry)

he's just begging for photos

beautiful gift from St. B's

first meeting with the middle brother

check out the legs!

7 Responses to “one week”
  1. The Tea Bag says:

    Thank you for introducing him to me this weekend – what a treasure! I must say I was pretty enraptured with his eldest brother too!

    • Dea' says:

      Aw, thanks Karyn! Jem had all kinds of stories to tell when we returned home (“And there was fire in my berries!!!”) 😉

  2. thismama says:

    He is beautiful, love seeing the pictures!
    I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason, the time with the third new baby is so so special (not that the first two times wasn’t). I think maybe seeing the delight that the older siblings have gives a new light for us!

    • Dea' says:

      Oh I SO agree! There’s something that just makes you see it all a bit more clearly and snuggle a bit more. I find the third also highlights the unique things in the older ones and ‘fills in’ the whole picture of the family. I totally recommend going for a third 🙂

  3. sadie says:

    oh man, he is such a cutie! So unique, yet still so much like his brothers! I wish I could snuggle him. Glad you have this time to just soak in all his beautiful newness.

  4. Kit says:

    AW!!! He’s got a great head… and ears to compliment!

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