I have been Baby-Mooning over here.
(think, honeymoon with emphasis on the Babe instead of the Honey).

It has been wonderful.

J arrived home two days before Balian was born (an unexpected and, in the end, providential, schedule change on the rigs). We had two days to catch up, rest, and prepare. On the night before the birth, I asked Jeremy if he wouldn’t mind painting my toes as I couldn’t reach them. He said he would. With the boys in bed and my feet somewhat visible to me, I watched my husband carefully apply crimson paint with concentrated effort. His brow was furrowed as he dripped polish and fixed edges. My camera sat beside me, untouched, as I soaked in the deep romance and offering of the moment.

Offerings so wonderful.

J’ booked two full weeks off to tend to the boys and the home while I snuggled, slept, bathed, and hobbled about. On his part, the days were filled with laundry, tidying, sword-fighting, video games, diapers, story times, dishes, and somehow, renovations and wood cutting as well. On my part, well, more snuggling. In the evenings we managed to say up for at least an hour to gaze together at the Tiny One, sip wine reserved from the spring, discuss parenting and potentials, and watch meaningless sitcoms.


I’m unsure if it’s like this for every mama, but I seem to really need two weeks of respite before moving on into the ‘full application’ of the new family and season. I think many mamas could use more (including myself) but two weeks allows for some of the basic healing, a bit of a routine, and dedicated nursing (oh, and snuggling!). J’ and I have also found that it doesn’t make sense for both of us to wake up through the night with the New One. During the early months of round the clock feedings, we take separate beds. He tends to the older boys (and arises at some ridiculous hour around 5:00am), while I tend to Baby and take my time emerging in the morning. He has the energy to tend to the house and boys the following day, I have enough clarity of mind to find coffee, toast, and on a good day, a shirt.

In all of its uniqueness and sharedness and partnership… so wonderful.

So now I’m sitting here by the fire, snow softly falling and baby Justice (don’t be confused, we often refer to our boys by their second names) growling next to me while the elder boys finish their nap. Jeremy is on the road heading north and that sacred space of Papa and Husband is stretched and obvious in its emptiness.

So now arrives my opportunity. The Baby-Moon is drawing to a close and the new expression of family has arrived. My own parents will share this week to meet this youngest one and tumble with the others while I find my (still crimson-toed) feet and learn how to mother these boys in a way that is Right and Good. I am filled with a mix of excitement and absolute terror as I look at the weeks ahead, and I am praying that my life offering will be acceptable to these lives and through this season.

A glimpse into those moments:


3 Responses to “Baby-Moonin’”
  1. Kristin says:

    Love the glimpse into your life!

  2. Alicia says:

    Baby-mooning how sweet & needed & full of joy this time is. These pictures really capture full moments with their Papa. Praying for your next weeks ahead.

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