self care initiative


It was one of those coveted afternoon hours that many mamas dream: all three kiddos were napping at the same time. I leaped across the laundry, thought about the dishes, grabbed my computer, made a salad, brewed a quick cuppa, and hopped into the tub, salad and all. Somewhere between the romaine, Google, and my pumice stone, I had the thought that perhaps these tasks weren’t meant to be grouped together!

There is an unfortunate reality for too many of today’s women. We are tired, disorganized, hungry, dirty, and wanting: and all of these things in more than one way (ie. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.). We want it all and end up in a pile of half-thought ideas, unspoken prayers, overworked bodies, and unkempt feet and hands (and skin and guts and teeth and…).

This should not be.

As for me….

Today I am three weeks post-partum. This means a few things: I’m tired, I’m hot and sweaty and emotional, I’m always hungry, I look like I’m pregnant, and I am discovering that I have no idea how to care for my home, this band of brothers and my self.

Last night I took a good naked look in a mirror that was, unfortunately, both full-length and honest.
I also made myself look at my feet. And nails. And face.

I considered my food intake and the various nutritional values within it.

I tried to remember the last time I had intentionally exercised.

As a pushed through my self-imposed evaluation, I also had to consider the other areas of need and neglect; the laundry, the clutter, the boy’s room, the debt, and more. But, for the purpose of this post and moment, I’ll stick with the self (and refer every living soul to for all the home details).

All in all, I concluded with this:
I have three babies, I’m busy, and I’m tired, but it is important that I take care of myself. Taking time to develop a routine for my skin type or regularly tending to my hands isn’t a luxury. These are actions and choices which will promote strength, health, and energy. These actions will help me towards being a better wife and mother, and enjoying myself more as a woman, just me.

For some reason, I struggle with making and taking time for these things that come so naturally to other women. Now that the days are so full, self-care just doesn’t get jotted down in the day planner. As I’m beginning to see this in my life, I’m beginning to wonder if other women sometimes struggle with this as well.

Do you?

Want to join me?

Here’s the plan:
From now until Summer Solstice (June 20), Mondays will hold one new ‘self care opportunity’ (sounds better than a task, right? 😉 ). We’ll remind ourselves to take time for our bodies, our nutrition, our selves. It might be just simple, it might seem obvious to some, and it might just be me, but I need to be intentional now so that I can still find myself twenty years from now.

What do you think?

Hope this makes some sense. If not, remember it’s coming from a place of late nights and tub lunches 😉

3 Responses to “self care initiative”
  1. Kmarie says:

    I just wrote two posts about this! Completely where I am at too! Let’s support each other!
    Did u get my email?
    I hope to see you at gals night for a nice break this Friday!
    Don’t worry about bringing something as u r swamped!

  2. ThisMama says:

    This is a great idea Dea, I am looking forward to hearing what you share.

  3. Kristin says:

    It is a great idea, I’m in!

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