Spring, spring, spring, happy happy SPRING!!!

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring. How wonderful! I find it difficult to believe that we’ve really made it through winter. Wow! Months ago I was convinced that this would be the longest winter ever. Now I’m amazed at how quickly it went by, how mild it was, and blessed we are to see spring emerging.

I had all kinds of fun ideas for today. Unfortunately, sad sicko kids continued through the night so we kept it fairly low-key. Those same sick lovely littles also walked away with my camera, so I can’t share a glimpse of what we did, but I liked it.

Our simple recognition of spring involved just a few minutes chatting with the boys and sharing simple gifts. I felted some eggs (they actually didn’t turn out so great this time around) and filled them with treats of fruit leather and seeds. They ate the fruit and then planted the seeds. Knightley then kicked the wool eggs throughout the house and thought he was quite clever, while Jeremiah and I complete an extra planting of a pea seed on a moist paper towel, and placed it in a Ziploc bag. He’ll be able to watch the roots and shoot emerge in the next days and catch a glimpse of what happens under ground in our garden.

For supper, we enjoyed a ‘nicer’ meal of short ribs and mashed yams and good ol’ spring asparagus. We then all dove into an impromptu spring cleaning which was really quite fantastic. Given that we’ve had nine days of vomiting babes, I was more than thrilled to scrub up the furniture and floors and revive the scent of lemon and lavender throughout our home.

That’s all for now. A very simple and fresh welcome to the first day of spring.

Do you have any Spring Solstice traditions in your home?
What signs of spring have you noticed around you this week?



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