Equinox and the New Year

Fall Equinox!
Beautiful hues of summer giving way harvest, skies swirling with arctic ice and harvest dust, pumpkin orbs, and last pickings. Scents of leaves and apples and smoke. Frosty morning breath warming to perfectly milkd afternoons and falling back to sweaters and stockings by dinner. The stirrings of new soup and the cravings for a pinch of cloves and scoop of cream and a bit more cinnamon.

The sun, stepping back for a more quiet presence. A supportive warmth. A glow instead of a blaze as we ignore the inevitable march towards winter.

For me, September has always felt like the time to celebrate the new year far more than our traditional party in the shadows of January. In our home, this is the time of fresh plans, crisp schedules, summer re-visioning finding tangible expression, studying and gatherings and flow. I love it.
Recently, I discovered that for some, this week also marks the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. This high festival is the Jewish New Year; the remembrance of the creation of Man, the first expression of sin and repentance, and the marking point of a fresh and hope-filled year. How perfectly timed!

As we breathe the colors of autumn, we cleanse our hearts, embrace One God, and cast our sin into the depths. We dip our hearts into the honeyed sweetness of hope and fresh vision, and with the fruit of harvest and high praise we put feet to faith and walk on.

For those women who share these wee town with me, stop on by after 8:00pm for an evening by the bonfire. There will be food , drinks, and gifts to share. Oh the joy of living in seasons!

2 Responses to “Equinox and the New Year”
  1. Kmarie says:

    I loved this. Lovely words. I love autumn. It is the truest expression of my little family and our life. I feel it to my core. Perhaps because I was born in it too? Regardless autumn and this time roots deep into my being. I am glad we share that love.
    I will have to read the beauty in these words again;) thank you;) see u later;)

  2. Melanie B says:

    I too love fall! Beautiful words! And I so wish I could have joined the party. I’m sure it was simply wonderful!

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