Checkin’ in…

{I’ve been away from this space for a few days as we took to the road for an impromptu trip to Family and the needs and stories of others. It was time entirely well-shared. As we drove back across the provincial line I was pleased with our choice in passing of time and funds and selves. Sometimes, the best gifts are the most difficult to give…and the most necessary and valuable and beautiful. Come Lord Jesus! Also, our drive landed on the Winter Solstice; a favored celebration for this mama; and I was unable to post what I had prepped. I hope to post it before the end of the holidays}

With the Solstice sun on the way north and the highway pilgrimage behind us… Oh the merry –making has begun in our home and it is GOOD!

It was said that old Ebenezer Scrooge, “Knew how to keep Christmas well….”. I do pray that will be said of this Daniels clan; on these specific feast days and of the entire year as we keep Christmas throughout the calendar and in every breath and action and thought. Yes!

When it comes to feasting and faith and bringing those two together, oh how we love to participate! Honestly, for me at this very moment, I’m all Christmas and I am just open and eager and come-Lord-Jesus ready to savour these next days! In our home, the next couple of days will be brimming with wine and food and readings and games and cuddles and gifts and sitting and sharing and feasting and…soaking up the joy of a feast for good reason.

There is much more to write and share. Depending on boys and life and season, I’ll be here as I choose. May these be days of Light and Life!





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