Winter Solstice {a few days after the fact}

This is an excerpt from another piece, sharing what this Solstice means to me and my family, and some of the thought within it. And yes, Solstice happened on Friday but we were on the road so…here you go!

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is intricately woven into our Advent celebration, and always lands just days before Christmas. This Solstice marks the ‘Return of the Light’. It is physically the darkest, blackest, day as the sun is the furthest from the Northern Hemisphere. On this Solstice, the sun begins its journey back north and from this point onward the darkness begins to fade as light returns to our land. The fact that this Solstice occurs directly before Christmas is an incredibly beautiful and amazing gift from our Creator. How awesome that He would make the Earth to shift and spin in its own declaration of the end of darkness and the Coming Light.

Why do we observe this day?
Because light and Light is coming! Because darkness is coming to an end! The bleakest day ends with the greatest hope. It is a day which must be declared with joy and hope and feasting!

How do we celebrate?
This is a day full of treats and gifts. Mama bakes a sweet and creamy Yule Log, we exchange gifts (some years, we open all of our ‘Christmas Gifts’ on this evening, depending on the year), make popcorn, and gather around the fire (either a bonfire outside, or the woodstove inside). Candles are lit and wine is poured as we towards the Light.

This year, as we were driving along snowy highways towards Grandma’s house, we packed the Yule Log to share with others, gave gifts in the van as we advanced through wind and snow, and…forgot the candle at home {now to be lit this evening, the Eve of Christmas}.

Now that we are on the bright side of Solstice and the night before Christmas, I wish you days of joy, Light, unity, healing, and recognition of the gift now come.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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