While skiing this afternoon, I reflected more on my newest ‘one word’ (“Rise”).

It stood out to me how ‘Rise’ is usually presented in the positive. We do not rise away, instead we rise towards or within. At times, we may be called to rise against, but again, that is still moving forward, in the positive, in the growing, in the advance.


He arose. Those He woke up also rose towards life. The sun rises and reaches and becomes brighter in the rising. Bread rises as every particle within swells with life. Voices and breasts and prayers rise with breath and passion and hope.


We rise up from the sleeping. We rise up from death. We rise and rise again as we move through the cycles of seasons and fallings and failings.

“Rise, and rise again….”


After my ski I took a moment to sit and think (and let my muscles breathe after consecutive days of double-exercise since Boxing Day!). My eyes wandered through the room and noted the light playing on the simple pieces of my home. I could not help but savor my own sense of contentment. There I was: body feeling the ‘good ache’, fresh coffee in hand, healthy boys resting, and such simple beauty around me. I kept repeating to myself, “How fortunate am I!”


My camera was within arm’s reach so I rose and took shots of the all that was simple, all that was normal, all that spoke to me of provision and blessing and love and visitation, all that made me pause and remember the Gift now come. Fresh laundry carefully hung by my husband. Laundry at all! A sturdy cup holding clean drinking water. A beautiful piece of jewelry. And more. (Including all the photos in this post….).

IMG_0203 IMG_0197

The shots weren’t meant to be artistic, but each frame made me pause and give thanks. I think it might become a Sunday afternoon habit….

And now it is evening and I am tired. My partner will be on the road for a week away before we awake in the morning {and so I post Monday’s post on the eve of} and the week ahead is bound to be filled with opportunities for patience and humor and self-control—all of which I am short of with these boys and all of which they need in abundance.

IMG_0166 IMG_0188 IMG_0107

And so, I will rise towards it.

5 Responses to “”
  1. EB says:

    oh i like the pictures! I hope you DO keep including them! pictures really do say a thousand words but your post is beautiful on its own too! I am proud of you for excercising twice daily! nice job gal! you are awesome! EB

  2. Marissa says:

    I agree with EB, I loved seeing the pictures of your life as well! And your thoughts on rise and rise again were so encouraging for me today! AND sometime, I think I would love to have you make a piece of jewelry for me:). I’ve been wanting a necklace for quite a few years in memory of my Emily and my wee babe with Jesus. A client of Dan does work with scallop pearls and I want to get some from him for it. What do you think?

    • Dea' says:

      Oh Maris’, you make me cry (for real) every time you mention those babes. I would be honored to craft something….

      (and thank you both for the kind words about the post and pictures. i just love you gals…)

  3. melanienbrasher says:

    hi, friend! Love the word you’ve chosen for this year! So beautiful and meaningful. And of course, I love seeing pictures of your world. I miss you, my dear, dear friend. 🙂

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