When the dust unsettles

Saturday mornings are enjoyable for all in our family. The boys receive ‘games and shows day’, J connects with sons and friends, and I leave the house to study. This past Saturday was much the same, except for one thing: upon returning home I discovered that my {ambitious, spontaneous, challenging} husband had torn out our little kitchen and decided to renovate.

I’m all for spontaneous!
Take off on a road trip days before Christmas? Sure! Start a new business/job/vocation? Yay! Make…cake? All over it! But… tear out my kitchen in the deep of winter, at the height of ‘intense parenting’, in the midst of exams, days before I’m hosting a special event and before preparing a separate meal for forty people…without giving even an hour’s notice…and then ask “what’s for supper?”?

IMG_0516   IMG_0547

Not lovin’ it.

After rescuing the bread dough from under the dry wall and the baby from the tool box, I directed the older boys towards glue and cardboard and took some time to steam, I mean, meditate.


The fact was I had plans, important plans. I was behind in my studies, coming out of a week of emotional overload, and had been looking towards a shared day off as a family. But, as I’ve noted in this space time and again: life is messy, love is wild, and God is now.

I heard him call through the drywall haze, “If you want it to go faster…you can help!”

{Honestly. This man….}

Breathe. Collect kiddos.  And…dig in.


Here’s the thing:

We all have plans and they’re all important. We’re on paths and schedules and merry-go-rounds and trains that just don’t stop. But that’s not the best of living Life: that’s reflecting on pretty ideas. But ideas worth living aren’t really that pretty at all.


Learning patience requires the option of being impatient.
Learning service requires serving.
Gratitude must first witness need so help can be received. Then, we are thankful.


The list goes on.

So many points of dank and dirty learning come in the haze of plans overturned.
A baby, now? Yes, grow into Me. His job…gone? Yes, fall onto Me. Our home, moving? Yes, walk on with me. The money, done? Yes, discover Me. I am bread and water and I am path and I am home.
Move from pages to the path and get your feet dirty so I might wash them clean.


{So we worked and I pondered {my heart thinks best when my hands are busy}. The days have been long but it’s been fun. We’ve had to get creative with the boys; inviting them in, directing them out, guiding their hands, pausing with their own messy lessons, but we’ve seen progress. Now, at the end of this day, I have half a kitchen, a whole marriage, and a lot more to ponder in the dust.}



Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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