First Week Lent

Only weeks ago, or so it seems, we were in the glow of Advent. Now the days of Lent are upon us. I love that about The Calender: always present, always pausing, always moving, always giving form and shape to our days.

There is always much to reflect on during these forty days. Countless writers, thinkers, and now, bloggers, fill our minds with material.

But for me, for now, in the midst of my own exhausted Lenten pledge, I have only simple thoughts from simply true people and conversations:

Lent is not about accomplishing or ‘succeeding’. It’s about awareness.
The awareness of need. The awareness that we actually can not do it. The awareness that we are indeed discontent. The awareness that we are in need.“

As we vow and fast and practice, we feel that discomfort, we know that discontent, we face our failure.

Only the hungry will ask to be filled.
Only the wandering  have any need to be found.
Only the questioning have need of an Answer.

May you feel your own emptiness, your ashes, your desert longings this Lenten season.
And may we be found.

One Response to “First Week Lent”
  1. karinarmstrong says:

    I have never made a Lenten pledge before this year……. thank you for the words of ‘awareness’.

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