loving the wall

I have missed two Mondays.
{Remember? I ‘always’ post on Mondays…}
I don’t like missing the Mondays. Sorry. I’ll work on it.

Life is full here. Full of good things? Yes. Full to overflowing? Yes. Overflowing more like a spilling pot then a smoothly painted stream? Er…maybe.

Lately, I’ve been reaching a little bit further. Pushing a little bit harder. Taking on a little bit more. I like what I’m doing. I enjoy the fruit of my labors, the laughter of my children, the inspiration of my projects. Within it all, I’ve had the back-of-my-mind sense of, “Let’s just see how far I can go…”.

This week, I feel like I’m nearing the wall. You know– that place where you crash and stop. In some circumstances, some might refer to it as ‘the bottom’; that place where you fall and break. Either way, it’s a limit.

But here’s thing:
I’m learning to love the wall.

I’m discovering that we haven’t been told the whole story.
The wall isn’t the end. It is not the limit. The wall informs us that we’ve actually made it somewhere. The wall gives us something lean against. The wall says, “Tuck your secret prayer in here, mark your territory here, build higher…here.

It’s a limit…to build on. Which really is just another view of a foundation.

In the same way, we have been misinformed regarding ‘thebottom’.

Why avoid the bottom?

Once we hit the bottom, we’re on solid ground. Once we’ve ‘bottomed out’, there’s no fear of falling because the only option is to fly. Once we’ve crashed, discover that there is beauty in the broken.

I’m learning to love the wall.
I’m finding my feet on the bottom.
I’m testing just how far I can go when the limits are far beyond stones into bread.



Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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