Feel the rhythm….

I’m a fairly busy gal.

My current, dedicated, points of focus include:
‘The obvious’ {God, marriage, three boys ages four and under}, renovating a trashed house, moving, running a small business in which I hand-make the products that I sell, studying towards midwifery {currently preparing for my Anatomy final—eeks!}, holding the fort and pieces while J’ studies as a Paramedic while serving as an EMT and fulfilling his practicum requirements out on a First Nations reserve, and then…more of the usual {garden, meal prep, early homeschooling, freelance writing, doula, etc.}.

So, sure, the days are full.

I often receive comments and conversations about balance and self-preservation. I’m often reminded to keep things in balance and to remember “everything in moderation”. I’ve appreciated these reflections and have often paused to think, “Is my life balanced? Is this too much?”

But then one day as I was hauling a screaming toddler out of the sanctuary, a dear soul gently said, “Friend, sometimes it’s not so much balance as it is rhythm”.


And the other night, as J served on the reserve and I painted that house while listening to a lecture on “the urinary system” and danced for the baby on my back and the cocoa butter melted for that new product and I tossed the boys a bag of carrots and quickly did a set of jumping jacks because they asked if we could “take a break for jummin’ jats’” before I rolled the next color, I realized:

I am an unbalanced person.

And I love the rhythm.

Rhythm invites movement.
It gives freedom for expression.
It can be entirely original.
Or as simple as a solo…steady…beat.
It incorporates levels; inviting new beginnings while founding notes continue and others fade away.
It spins and spikes and flows…within order.

And it’s all at once and changing and steady and creating memory within our feet and heart.

I like the rhythm of my life, as long as I’m finding my feet and keeping with the tempo. Fast or slow, there’s no “god or bad” about it, as long as I’m  still finding my heartbeat and inner beat with that True Source; that One who could sing creation into being and who sets my feet to dancing; that one who wasn’t ‘balanced’ incarnate but fully this and fully that and bringing the two into Story.

Here’s to finding The Rhythm….

3 Responses to “Feel the rhythm….”
  1. Kmarie says:

    Yes and amen!!! I totally feel the same. I live to acquire balance to understand but all in all I love being what I am which is a severe paradox;) severely unbalanced!
    I love the rythym concept. You wear it well. Cheers to rhythm!!!;)

  2. Kmarie says:

    Ps- What is that in the bowl? It looks amazing…it even sparkles…brownies? Or a drink? Or one of your home made concoctions…I am overwhelmed with curiosity:)

    • Dea' says:

      Haha, ‘lip treatment’ for my Spero stuff. It’s at the general storein pots and sticks (though it set-up much lighter then this in the end .Needs some work :))

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