under construction

I’m smitten with my new home.

We moved in earlier than planned and won’t see an end to the work for months yet, but really, it like a new earth to me. I love that the boys can choose to be together in the midst of play and chores. I love the colors I worked upon the walls. I love jumping up the stairs three at a time, and then running back down and doing it again, because they’re there. I love praying boulders out of the dirt and having a ready-made-hole to plant medicine and beauty. I love the banister which took too long to refinish and needs a little bit more. I love the fixtures with light in the evening and the windows with light in the day.

I walk through it and see so many points of beautiful. I wake in it and think of all the moments to come. As I honeymoon in this “we’re here and it’s ours” state, my eyes skip over the work unfinished. I want to pause. I want to soak in the gruelling weeks we’ve already put in.

I look out my bedroom to the apple blossoms…but they’re highlighting areas of neglect.
IMG_2869 IMG_2870

I soak in that corner in the evening, but it’s resting next to the frameless window.
IMG_2876 IMG_2885

I sit down to write, but don’t think about the door still lacking.
IMG_2872 IMG_2873

And I realize that we will never really be done.
And that We are never complete. Not yet.
Because when we attest to an Author and Finisher, a Creator and Redeemer, we are always in process.
And while I love to bask in the process and progress and while I just want to stop and say “look how far!” and while yes, much has been changed and is already beyond recognition….our time of Rest is not yet here.

And I find it interesting that those who saw This when we began and then stopped by today are struck by the beauty and improvement. And those strangers who nosed by today believed that we were only just beginning. And those who knew it before its fall can only speak of what it was, then.

In a world without end and a creator outside of time, everything is process and nothing is progress and nothing is found until all is lost.

We have come so far.
There is much to be done.
So we tear down and rebuild and die and rise and wait for Morning.

6 Responses to “under construction”
  1. Melanie says:

    oh, Dea! The living room looks amazing! Can’t wait to visit you there one day! Love you!

  2. Marissa says:

    It looks so lovely and homey already. Always in process, our homes a picture of our lives….I like that.

  3. Being at peace with the NeverDone-ness of our homes is such an important thread. It’s tempting to give in to despair and discontent while comparison robs our joy. Thanks for this reminder to enjoy the imperfect-but-beautiful here and now.

  4. Dea' says:

    Thanks friends!
    I also just commented on the FB status with the following:
    The whole process is so interesting. As I began writing I was struck by how it really is much more about life than a house. I`m sure some people look at me and question my choice of interior-life furnishing and design; changes, areas ignored or hidden, points of display, etc.
    I just love how there`s so much for us to gain within as we consider the work of our hands and life on earth. And then…walk on.

  5. kitgonzales says:

    I love that Jesus promised to keep working on me, too. Also, your house looks incredible. 🙂

  6. Kmarie says:

    I can’t wait to see it personally and I loved your vision when you first laid eyes on it in full incompleteness and how you redeemed what was yours and refined what was given. It looks beautiful. I knew it would. You are both creatives and visionaries…which is probably why we really get along in those areas of life:) Wink.
    You are basking in the afterglow and it is so beautiful. I still get moments like that in my home. The newness has worn off at times but then we work on another project. LOL:) Enjoy

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