The boy who thinks he hates church

Earlier this summer, this post came out. It served as an inspiration for families and congregations across the continent, including myself. I was refreshed in my {challenging, unique, humorous} Sunday Service moments with my {challenging, unique, humorous} wildling sons. That said, we still are ridiculously inconsistent in our attendance, we still breathe within a fluid/flexing/growing understanding of the local church, and we still thoroughly enjoy every moment spent with our lovely congregation at that little white church down the road.

The other morning, the boys and I were preparing to walk to the service. Jeremiah {‘the initiator} stuck his lip into a pout, smacked his porridge spoon, and declared, “Church is yucky! I hate church! Church makes me sleepy! I just want to have bread and wine!” (I’m sure he meant ‘whine’…). Two year old Knightley {‘the comforter’} quickly reached over and patted his arm, “It’s okay. It’s okay ‘miah. Church is nice. Church is real nice. We’ll go to church and see ghouls [girls]”.

I’m not sure if we went or not that morning, but the weekend ended and the week began and the service moved from the sanctuary to the streets.

In the course of days, a member was ill. Jeremiah requested to bake bread for him and deliver it. So we did. I asked him if it was yucky. He said no.
Later in the week, we stumbled upon some children from the congregation. They played and ran and planned to do it again. I asked Jeremiah if it made him sleepy. He said no.
A couple of days ago, a {dear, beautiful} soul wrote and asked if she could take Jeremiah to swimming lessons. {Yes. She asked if she could spend time with my son. For free. For fun. With trust. Um?!} He went. I asked him if he hated it. He said no and could we please have her for tea next time, and perhaps bread and wine?

It turns out, that my {challenging, unique, humorous} son is fond of Church.

3 Responses to “The boy who thinks he hates church”
  1. EB says:

    oh my soul. i am almost weeping. this would be the LOVELIEST children’s book! I can almost imagine the beautiful pictures to go along with it!EVERY LITTLE CHILD should read this! I need to read it too because church is getting on my nerves lately!! hahahah I am so thankful for the little kids that I have been teaching in Sunday school these past few years because it seems like they really do love sunday school and being upstairs! I love hearing their hearts and I couldn’t imagine a church without littles! SO….I am really glad that your boys are getting the opportunity to hang out with ghouls!!! hahah Thanks for this sweetest of posts! Have a great day! Love Erin

  2. Kmarie says:


  3. melanienbrasher says:

    Oh, I love this!

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