At the end of this unsummerish summer, I’m stopping in to say a) I HAVE been writing…but posting is one more step in the midst of many little feet, b) I AM thinking…which continues to lead to writing which will eventually be posted when I put up my feet, c) Oh wait, I DID post but it’s over at the oh-so-lovely Red & Honey. Yay everything!

Stop by and check it out. It’s life and lessons and messy application.

For now, we’re on the road and loving it! We’ve made it through the mountains, spending the day at the ocean tomorrow, and hoping to load up on a mass of blackberries somewhere in between. Rumor has it that autumn and schedules are waiting for us back home so we’re going to soak up these days while we can!

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  1. Kmarie says:

    Love that picture! The link didn’t work though…it wasn’t a full link:)
    It was an unsummerish summer wasn’t it? I thought it was just me…and yes the leaves are turning and it feels like fall has descended…which is my favourite season but this year I am just not ready. It’s still my favourite…but our winter was so long and hard and LONG:) that autumn means snow is just around the corner ( I hear rumours that we could have snow by the end of sept and I pray those weather prediction people are wrong as usual!) Because I just can’t do that yet:)!
    Have fun vacationing!

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