on a typical friday night

Where did that picture of romance originate? You know, the flowers. The chocolates. The sex on the third date. Where did we learn keep score and run the red and award that action or non-action? And where did they, the “him” in the “us” learn to follow that lead? To put flesh to that picture? To pursue our lusts instead of The Love?

Cuz I’m sitting here on a Friday night and I’m feeling damn romantic.

And my honey hasn’t come home with flowers since that other home in another city on that occasion almost three years ago. And chocolate is that bar I have tucked behind the cubes in the freezer and he’s not supposed to touch it. And lingerie? {Those are the pretty pieces I put on after I bathe. Those are those clingy garments I go to when I want to be aware of my strength and beauty and “I feel clean-nes” after a bath, after a night of the crazy, after the week. And once I’ve had my fill of myself they are left on the floor and I remember how much I have missed him.}

Tonight, I am considering true romance.

Or, to correct myself, Truth in Romance.

Cuz any jack-ass can pick up some flowers. Push some chocolates. Convince you that it’s real.

But it takes a Lover of the Soul to put a life on a platter.

My husband is the most romantic person I have ever met.

Not because we dine by candlelight.
Not because he brings me flowers.
Not because he can work chocolates or whipped cream or strawberries.

But because he has discovered Love.
And because Love loves him, he loves on his wife
And he loves on his sons.
And he loves on his job.
And he loves on his home.
And in the midst of allll of this loving, he meets my eyes and chooses…me.
And it is the most sultry, romantic, over-the-top, offering.

Because I know he has seen his own need for Love.
In receiving Love, he is filled.
As he is filled, he gives.
As he gives,
I am blessed beyond measure.

Sister, flowers DO fade.
But Love? Love is of God, and it is eternal.

One Response to “on a typical friday night”
  1. YES!

    and I loved the line… ” cuz any jackass can pick up some flowers”

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