On Friday, I posted the following as my FaceBook status:

“What a phenomenal week! I’m thrilled with the outcome of my days and the promise of an evening at home.
Something I’ve realized is that I’m a fairly…fluid…person. By fluid I’m just attempting a decent way of referencing waves, which is really just saying I’m pretty up and down. I’ve always seen this as an issue: if I’m moving slower than I should be moving faster, and if I’m energized than I’m probably annoying, etc.
But this week I think I’ve come to embrace the waves, a bit. This has been a mountain-top of a week. A series of days producing art, academics, income, depth, and motion. And I’m LOVING it. I also can realistically expect that in about a week I’ll be curled up on the couch wanting sleep and Tylenol and ruing the day I did that midnight lotion batch.
The thing about waves is that they don’t exist in themselves. They can’t. The exist as part of a whole body in motion. You don’t have the up without the down; you don’t have the rhythm without the motion.
So, as per usual, thus ends my very random “It’s Friday and I’m in love with the world” status update “

When one of my siblings responded with, Deann WTF r u taking about re: ur latest post?” I knew I was onto something 😉

Here’s the thing:

We all have limits and these limits are real.
But…they’re real within our framework of what we accept of limits. Gravity is real, right? But tell that to an airplane! The plane has new limits and responds to a different set of rules. Oxygen is absorbed through the air, right? Tell that to a fish! A fish lives in a reality different than my own. Dead is dead, right? Tell that to Jesus! Jesus has no limits and lives within a whole new reality!

We DO have limits.
We should not practice things {alcoholism, overwork, lethargy} which could lead to a forever harm.

And there are GOOD guidelines!
Do justice! Love mercy! Walk humbly!
{also…shut your mouth…avert your eyes…find a foundation…}

But we do not have to submit to all the perceived limits of the earth.

I’ve been chatting with some rad almost-midwives. Many of them have children and Stories and Limits. Most of us are questioning if we can pull this off. Can we live THAT many stories? Can we stretch THAT thin? Most of us are realizing…YES, yes we can, because our limits are our own.

I remember when I was a new mom.
I was in my happy career, sweet home, everything lovely. And I was soo SOOO tired!! I had to get UP with a BABY in the NIGHT. I had diapers and vomit in my day. Oh woe was me!!


Too many pregnancies and three babes later,  getting up to snuggle a babe at midnight means one-on-one time! Diapers mean they’re still babes! Vomit means convalescence couch day! Three babes and a few careers and Stories later and I’m laughin’! Cuz it turns out I’m a helluva lot stronger than all those books and metro gals told me! Turns out I can do hard things! Turns out…I just might have more to give yet!

What I’m realizing is that, within health and rhythm, I am invited to blow the limits. It’s not a discussion of overwork or rest or focus, it’s a question of Christ in me. What reality does Jesus, THE GOD, dwell within? And does He dwell within me?

Then what gateways are waiting? What paths and hurdles?
What shift in gravity?


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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