This time it’s deeper

We are under construction! And by ‘we’ I’m referring to me and Whole Dei and you, if you like.

New content will be limited here for the next period {intentionally ambiguous as far as time}, though there will be all kinds of behind the scenes action as I sift through the 600+ posts and categorize and delete as needed.


–          I have been reflecting on that nauseous sense of online-overload that plagues/blesses some writers. I want any online material that I am responsible for really needs to be worth the time and mental space and spiritual energy given. {ie. don’t waste your time on me unless it’s something truly beneficial}. This needs to impact any contributions on blogs, freelance space, FaceBook, emails, etc.

–          My body is trying to communicate something to me. So far, I’m not sure what it’s saying but it’s intrusive enough for me to step back and make some space {more than just the online life}.

–          I process through writing and love sharing reflective posts. However, it’s time for me to consider that I can still write and process privately.

–          In this space between now and being entirely consumed with ‘official’ midwifery studies {waiting and willing…} I want to intentionally build the presence and knowledge base of Spero as a business. So, if you’ve enjoyed my work here, how about you go over to Spero and participate in the different voice, focus, and intent of my business, Spero Naturals? Ideally, Spero will grow as a service and business with content eventually growing into something physical/print-worthy, and services existing as a license clinic in the community. It’s going to be a process and a journey.

–          Guest Posts will still regularly happen at Red & Honey (and a few other sites). I will be narrowing my focus towards articles which support the Spero focus and which can be shared by similar readers.


Ideally, Whole Dei will be cleaned up and continue to exist as a beautiful and beneficial rest placing for reflection and sharing.
Ideally, any visitor will be able to click on any post and read something worth their time and beneficial to their journey
Ideally…haha…it won’t take months and months to accomplish!

Rest and Peace.

One Response to “This time it’s deeper”
  1. Mel says:

    you’re always so inspiring, Dea! I love how God has wired you to create and innovate. Love you! And can’t wait to chat tomorrow!

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