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People blog for an endless assortment of reasons; to vent, to create, to find community. We blog cuz we’re bored, we blog while we wait, we blog through and about and after. It’s the private gone public, it’s the heart on a screen, it’s the day as a story. SOmehow, within it all, there’s value within it. I believe that, when expressed with some thought to both others and self, blogging can be a unique and helpful resource towards journeying, processing, communicating, and general connectivity. I suppose that presently, I’m blogging because I honestly enjoy it and am compelled to share these thoughts and experiences through the beautiful medium of writing.

This blog began as a point of record and communication for our first year in pursuit of a less-loaded life. Creating it our first month ‘on the road’, it grew into a safe place for me to share the triumphs and deep pains of our journey. Within these posts and interactions I have found a unique community and conversation. Touching on issues of moral value, earth care, parenting, organics, marriage, career, cooking, and more, I have come to thoroughly enjoy the writing and the ready growing out of this screen.

I invite you to join our story. While we initially thought it would be one year of adventure and leading into ‘smooth sailing’, it is increasingly clear that life rolls on and we are invited to tumble along with it. I would love to hear from you and follow-up on posts or ideas. Feel free to drop me a personal note at konadee@gmail. com Let’s grow on in this special community.

from the Livingroom Autumn 2010

5 Responses to “The Blog”
  1. kyce says:

    Found you via Farmama…and so glad to find your fine, simple words on such worthy topics. It’s all connected, and you show that larger pattern here. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    • Dea' says:

      Thank you for the kind encouragement 🙂 I love how I continue to find sweet connections through this journey and through the blogs and stories of others. Farm Mama is a favorite of mine and I’m always glad to share my thoughts with anyone connected to hers. Have a great weekend!

      • Sherlay says:

        Mimiさん ジェームス氏もやりますか 子供はみなします しきたりのように そして知らぬ間に知恵のついた子供は泥棒技もします 笑 分量足りなくなるーーーー 笑 同感 この絵はかなりの進歩です チカにしては 笑 わたしも額に入れるかもしれません けど このまま進化なしだったらどうしよ ステッカーではなく そのまま壁に描いていいと言われたら描きたいーー ステッカー 確かにお高いですね Hello Olgayes, tell me about Charlie’s seriousness:))he plays silly non-stop.(definately taken after his Dad.) The wall has bemcoe an art wall. well, its OK.

  2. mrs u says:

    I found you through Farmama. I really love what you write and how you and your fam are evolving. Love the boundaries you speak of, less stuff, more organic and how fiercely loyal and protective of your hubby you are. Hurray! I can’t wait to look around your blog more. Thank you for writing it.

    • Dea' says:

      Wow, thanks for the encouragement! I LOVE connecting with new people through this blog and find such joy and inspiration in the conversations that flow within it. FarmMama is fantastic and it’s been exciting how so many people have stumbled on this story through her site.

      We’re on the road right now and I have bits of posts drafted and saved all over. I’m looking forward to sharing more as we grow through this next step and find our new path. Thanks for following our story 🙂

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