On Friday, I posted the following as my FaceBook status: “What a phenomenal week! I’m thrilled with the outcome of my days and the promise of an evening at home. Something I’ve realized is that I’m a fairly…fluid…person. By fluid I’m just attempting a decent way of referencing waves, which is really just saying I’m … Continue reading

“Pick up your mat…”

I first noticed his unique legs when he was only days old. He was my only baby who refused to push back, to brace his knees, to heroically ‘stand’ on my lap in all of his fresh baby strength. Unlike the other boys, he didn’t jump in the jumper. Instead, he let his feet slide … Continue reading

Why I don’t laugh at his ghost stories

“Mama,” he said to me, snuggled in with a ragged sheepskin, soccer ball, dinosaur and who knows what else under his blanket, “I saw ghost at the park today.” “A ghost?” I replied, smiling. “Aw. What was it like?” “He was very big. He was not happy. He was not kind.” “Oh. What did you … Continue reading

every member of the home {a positive look at ‘child labor’}

These early years of babies and playgrounds and travels and projects and scrambling about in the morning have been grand! But as babes grow into boys, studies into shiftwork, and huts into houses, I am witnessing a need to strengthen the foundation of my home and family rhythm. Within that realization is the fact that … Continue reading

pray always?

I have much to learn about prayer. Really, for a Bible school graduate, it’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m not yet a groomed-and-tuned professional in the area. I mean, it’s just “talking to God”, right? Or wait, isn’t it a private and focused meditative experience? Or…no…it’s warfare! Corporate and pulsing and full of sweat and blood. There’s more … Continue reading

“Get messy!”

Awhile back, someone recommended the “Magic School Bus” as a great children’s resource. We tracked it down and it soon become a regular feature in our book basket and on the screen. The main character, Ms. Frizzle, has a motto: “Take chances! Make mistakes! And geeeettttt MESSY!!!!” Confession: I don’t like getting messy. Chances are … Continue reading

Feel the rhythm….

I’m a fairly busy gal. My current, dedicated, points of focus include: ‘The obvious’ {God, marriage, three boys ages four and under}, renovating a trashed house, moving, running a small business in which I hand-make the products that I sell, studying towards midwifery {currently preparing for my Anatomy final—eeks!}, holding the fort and pieces while … Continue reading

The Master Mama

Living as a mama is one of those gloriously difficult endeavors. On the one hand, it is a journey of hope and fulfillment as we engage wee souls and witness unique moments of discovery and development. On the other, it is a filthy and frantic scramble through brambles and booby-traps of the home and heart. … Continue reading

Many pieces create a Whole picture

{I wrote this post in an entirely different voice a few days ago. I shared my ‘list’ of reasons and rationale. I gave credit to some beautiful women in my life. I was much more…literal. But now and then my Writing Voice shows Herself. And I love her. So I went for that voice instead. … Continue reading

learning to breathe

A dear friend shared this recently. It struck me on so many levels, that I just can’t help but use this Monday to share it. I built my house by the sea. Not on the sands, mind you; not on the shifting sand. And I built it of rock. A strong house by a strong … Continue reading

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