why we’re doing what we’re doing

Good morning and Happy Saturday! In our home, Saturday mornings mean two things: Jeremiah gets to watch some recorded cartoons, AND he gets to eat ‘Gampas cereal’ (mini-wheats). Today he chose the Christmas movie Elf while Knightley decided that it was time to join in on the Gampa’s cereal tradition. All this to say: I’ve … Continue reading

Up, down…down…down…UP!

For months, J and I have been planning on sharing two full weeks as a family over Christmas. Given that he’s working all day, every day these months, it’s been quite a point of anticipation. Unfortunately, a few days ago the company told him that everyone would be working right through the month, including Christmas … Continue reading

Hello, It’s late, for me at least. But, I’m up and sitting in the darkened kitchen; me, my belly, and a bowl of pumpkin cake and cream. I negelected to load up on calcium and magnesium at dinner time. Sadly, while much of my body is telling me that I’m in need of a deep … Continue reading

rhythm and celebration

Christmas carols have been playing all day. I slept in and awoke satisfied and with coffee. Treats have been simmered and served. The boys are tripping about with sparkling eyes. The yard is trimmed and tidied. The dog is grinning. We’ve come to know that this means one thing: Papa is home! J’ has four full days … Continue reading

I’m on my third cup of coffee with a morning brownie. Yaaay Friday! We dove into the morning with an exceptionally early start (on their end at least 😉 ) and a collection of experiments: Does Lego melt when piled on the woodstove? Yes, yes it does. Is Knightley learning to walk while being dragged … Continue reading

new rotation

The leaves are a bit more yellow, my hair is still short (shocking 😉 ), and the yard smells like bonfire. The boys are halfway to bed and I’m somewhere between a sink of dishes and the craving for warm banana bread. I have a feeling the (sweet…warm…melt-in-your-mouth) bread will win in the end 😉 … Continue reading

Industrial EMS…stepping out and in and away

A shared breakfast. A prolonged embrace…and just one more. A laugh and a picture and many baby-boy arms waving. And that sudden, tear-welling, tummy-churning, sensation of, “Oh. This is it. We’re here. Hello new season, new reality, new role, new life.” Jeremy is an EMT. In this field, we have discovered that if he wants … Continue reading

Cheque please?

Where to start? Hm hm hm. First. Sorry for the spread in posts and emails and overall correspondence. It’s been a bit of a week (and now it’s actually Friday! Who knew we’d actually see the day!?) Today, this Friday, is significant. As J just stated, “Tonight we celebrate. Tonight we’ll hang out and celebrate … Continue reading

Granola Bars!

While Jeremy was working through practicum, he found himself losing weight and in need of way more calories and ‘on the go’ healthy options. I packed him veggies, boiled eggs, extra meals, etc., but when running to the ambulance or fire truck, he often needed something super easy, clean, and offering quick and lasting energy. … Continue reading

this moment

Inspired by SouleMama {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to … Continue reading

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