When the dust unsettles

Saturday mornings are enjoyable for all in our family. The boys receive ‘games and shows day’, J connects with sons and friends, and I leave the house to study. This past Saturday was much the same, except for one thing: upon returning home I discovered that my {ambitious, spontaneous, challenging} husband had torn out our … Continue reading

View from the stinky, sketchy, beautiful, garage

Last Thursday was full, productive, disappointing, and fun. I used the morning completing an autumn goal (I wrote my Anatomy Final. No grade yet.), spent the afternoon in the city (not getting the tattoo I had booked), and shared a slow evening with the family as I kicked-off my own, unofficial, little holiday. That night, … Continue reading

Guest Post over at Becoming Kindred (Pt2)

“As a young woman, I remember day dreaming about the bliss of married life. My friend and I gushed how we simply could not wait to “joyfully submit” to our chosen mates. We pictured how we would come alongside as ‘helpmates’: quietly and dutifully supporting these might men in prayer, and cheerfully creating home and … Continue reading

Guest Post at Becoming Kindred

“He was next to me; near enough to tap his foot with my own, but far enough that I could stare at him through my hair without him feeling it….” Read the rest of this post, and join me this weekend, over at Becoming Kindred Happy Saturday! — Now with full text here: He was … Continue reading


I have been Baby-Mooning over here. (think, honeymoon with emphasis on the Babe instead of the Honey). It has been wonderful. J arrived home two days before Balian was born (an unexpected and, in the end, providential, schedule change on the rigs). We had two days to catch up, rest, and prepare. On the night … Continue reading

not like friday

It’s an untypical Friday in my home this evening. Perhaps it’s the weather (SO cold!) or the hours of cranky cranky boys (what got into them today?). Perhaps it’s the lingering flu and the clinging lack of culinary motivation (nope, not even the traditional Friday Night Nachos—weird). It’s just one of those evenings that seems … Continue reading

Industrial EMS…stepping out and in and away

A shared breakfast. A prolonged embrace…and just one more. A laugh and a picture and many baby-boy arms waving. And that sudden, tear-welling, tummy-churning, sensation of, “Oh. This is it. We’re here. Hello new season, new reality, new role, new life.” Jeremy is an EMT. In this field, we have discovered that if he wants … Continue reading

Cheque please?

Where to start? Hm hm hm. First. Sorry for the spread in posts and emails and overall correspondence. It’s been a bit of a week (and now it’s actually Friday! Who knew we’d actually see the day!?) Today, this Friday, is significant. As J just stated, “Tonight we celebrate. Tonight we’ll hang out and celebrate … Continue reading

Yes please ;)

cuz it’s about others

From coffee to ranching to mothering to everything in between, this has become one multi-focused blog! I’d like to expand on some of my thoughts from the previous posts, as well as follow up on some of the comments (which were so appreciated!). The thing with writing-on-the-run is that a piece may become somewhat one-dimensional … Continue reading

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