Dea’ Daniels

I have a personal commitment to post here on WholeDei each Monday. I also have personal commitments to my sons, to my husband, to my {pre-midwifery} studies, to my body, to my peers, to my laundry, to my….good grief. In reflecting on what tasks to attend to this day and just where and how to … Continue reading

Presence (continuing thoughts on the word)

To be present. To be open. To exist in that eternal now, that constant flow, that forever present. That is presence. That is existence beyond ‘survival’. We can stand in the river and feel its rush, its pressure, its current and pulse and overwhelming swirl and try to walk upstream, slog along through the day, … Continue reading

Equinox and the New Year

Fall Equinox! Beautiful hues of summer giving way harvest, skies swirling with arctic ice and harvest dust, pumpkin orbs, and last pickings. Scents of leaves and apples and smoke. Frosty morning breath warming to perfectly milkd afternoons and falling back to sweaters and stockings by dinner. The stirrings of new soup and the cravings for … Continue reading

For so many reasons… not-totally-unhealthy brownies

There are many words for the past 5 days or so. They include vomit and “are you kidding me?!” and sleeplessness and mothering alone. They include moments of regret. Harsh tones. Attitude before acceptance. Hands up in the air and pulling at my hair. Eyes looking towards the Good, for the Good…and hands holding on … Continue reading


I took some time to play with some of the photos from the past bit. Some might be repeats, but they’re precious glimpses. In other news: I’ve had a full house and extra helping hands this week. Tomorrow is transition day (again) and then the new week will bring a fresh routine to our days, … Continue reading

you know you’re past due when:

–          When you eat 5 fresh pineapples in as many days –          When your new answering machine message makes you giggle with sarcastic delight –          When you go for a midnight run through the streets in pj pants and skidoo boots cuz you can’t sleep and this just might work –          When you crave everything … Continue reading

Each night

The evening was drawing to a close, but my eyes were wider and my breath faster than the earlier hours. The boys were down. The dark of night established. The fire dying. But I sat and gave in to the icy fingers reaching around my mind and through my heart, tracing patterns down my spine. … Continue reading

Thanks for waiting! (insert scratchy telephone music ;) )

I think I’m getting somewhere. One month ago, I had almost decided to delete this blog and quit blogging altogether. My questions included: – Why am I writing this in a public forum? What am I truly contributing? With all the blogs out there, why am I giving this much time and thought and…? – … Continue reading

Whole Dei

A word. An idea. A slow step towards a dappled path. I’ve appreciated how many bloggers have shared their ‘one word’ for the year. While I at first simply enjoyed reading the thoughts and hopes of others, I soon found myself pondering one word for my own year. In the midst of one word for … Continue reading

Good BYE!

2009 has one hour left. The New Year is breathing at the door; eager for entrance. Never before have I been so ready for one year to end and the other to begin. Bring it! Come on! Show me your best, your worst, your sickening middle lands! There is nothing I cannot take, nothing I … Continue reading

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