One World Birth

Wow. This is so worth checking out. Increasingly, from my first pregnancy through to these post-postpartum weeks with this newest tiny, i am being drawn towards…something…within the pregnant and birthing and creating women. A doula? An advocate? Educator? Midwife? Communicator? I don’t know. But watching links like this gets my belly churning as I hear the … Continue reading

Balian Justice: Birth Story

This is just the initial story. I expect there will be loads of processing and reflection in the days to come. I hope it makes sense…. I’m not in any ‘romantic writing zone’ just now, this is just what happened, as it happened. So unexpected and random and exactly what it needed to be. Characters: … Continue reading

not sure what to expect

In twelve hours I’ll head to the hospital to begin an induction. It’s ‘just’ Cervidil, but outside of my sphere of experience and preference. Any great tips? 😉 Going to go relax now and perhaps ask my husband to paint my toes as I can’t get anywhere near them. Looking for a deep night’s sleep. … Continue reading

be thankful

I’m sitting here in my husband’s t-shirt and some generously waisted don’t-step-out-in-public pants, bouncing on a birthing ball and rubbing on some clary sage essential oil. It’s one of those moments where I’m almost thankful that my dear lover isn’t home, but also one of those moments where I’d love to bounce on over to … Continue reading

well that was a discussion

So…here’s a question which might make me look weird or make some people uncomfortable, but I’m interested in hearing what you think. What would your ‘ideal’ birth look like in regards to people in attendance? Why? (If possible, share what you believe and not just what you prefer….) Is your husband your ideal ‘coach’? Or … Continue reading

There’s no decent way to describe it

I have had about twenty posts move in and out of my mind and heart this week. Reflections, frustrations, excitements, updates, contemplations. Sitting down to write and share within these mind-posts just hasn’t happened this week, but here is a brief attempt. Bear with me! I just said good night to a girlfriend (my Wednesday … Continue reading


They arrived with arms full; flowers, candles, chocolate, salt, scents, paints, and laughter. They arrived as gifts in themselves, as women who had become friends, as friends who had grown with my belly in the first conversations of summer and the changing of autumn and the falling cold of winter. They arrived with warmth and … Continue reading

In the Company of Women: Part 2

For our family, choosing the care of a midwifery clinic was the best choice we made for the birth of our son. From the day our midwife Erin took us on, there was a sense of relief and confidence. Her demeanor was both professional and welcoming, her clinic was simple yet equip, her background and … Continue reading

In the Company of Women: Part 1

Hello, I’m Dea’. Many of you have been on this journey with me for almost two years. Others have only recently stumbled into the story. However you’ve found me and wherever you’re from, I love sharing this road with you. Thank you for reading and interacting and being a co-traveler on this gypsy trek. Now, … Continue reading

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