Why I don’t laugh at his ghost stories

“Mama,” he said to me, snuggled in with a ragged sheepskin, soccer ball, dinosaur and who knows what else under his blanket, “I saw ghost at the park today.” “A ghost?” I replied, smiling. “Aw. What was it like?” “He was very big. He was not happy. He was not kind.” “Oh. What did you … Continue reading

It’s Time

Two full seasons. Two full cycles of moon and planting and growth and now, harvest. Many nights have passed since I’ve come to this space to write and share and Open. Can you believe I left this space way back at the Spring Equinox? Far back before the seeds sprouted or the heat and storms … Continue reading

a quick hello

I’m crazy over this babe. He’s amazing. A-MAZING. He’s so beautiful. So mysterious. So perfectly wrapped in his dewy freshness and wrinkled newness and wobbling vulnerability. I’m soaking him up. Snuggling and inhaling and celebrating his every breath. What a gift. — We’re baby-mooning over here. I’m exhausted and letting myself feel it, cuz I … Continue reading

Boys, meet winter

In the midst of the aforementioned cold snap, I found myself in the presence of two very house-bound toddler boys. Now, some littles are content to sit with a puzzle or contentedly browse books (so I’ve heard). My gang is more of the “Run Mama, RUN!!!” breed. They have this need to wrestle and jump … Continue reading

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