On Friday, I posted the following as my FaceBook status: “What a phenomenal week! I’m thrilled with the outcome of my days and the promise of an evening at home. Something I’ve realized is that I’m a fairly…fluid…person. By fluid I’m just attempting a decent way of referencing waves, which is really just saying I’m … Continue reading

When the music changes

My body has grown babies of my own flesh and hope. Over the past four years, I have celebrated five pregnancies and three births. Isn’t that simply incredible? I know of the fragile balance between heart beat and silence; between blood soaking away and blood birthing anew. Those points of knowledge are rife with mystery … Continue reading

Self-Care Initiative. Week One: Hands

It’s Monday. (a more than manic-Monday in this household as we deal with another flu and all the fun that comes along with it….) Remember the invitation last week? We’re ‘self caring’ together! Every Monday from last week until June 20th, I’ll be posting a reminder/challenge/opportunity to help us move to a more conscientious care … Continue reading

self care initiative

     It was one of those coveted afternoon hours that many mamas dream: all three kiddos were napping at the same time. I leaped across the laundry, thought about the dishes, grabbed my computer, made a salad, brewed a quick cuppa, and hopped into the tub, salad and all. Somewhere between the romaine, Google, … Continue reading

well this isn’t Christmasy at all!

This morning I woke up without a sore throat, without swollen glands, without weeping ears and eyes, and with only a bit of a cough. Amazing. After more than a month this virus thing seemed to be lifting. The boys and I loaded our sled, trekked through the snow to church, disrupted the entire service … Continue reading

Doing Sick Well

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? To be honest, I’ve hardly been aware of the time passing. I know the past couple of posts have been “Yuck I’m sick” focused, but that’s where I’ve been livin’ so here comes another one. We’ve been sick. It’s “just a flu”, a fact of life, nothing life threatening, so … Continue reading

beautiful sick day

EDIT: Alright…maybe ‘loving it’ was a bit strong. The fire is out, the movie is done, and it’s all not quite so cozy and doable as it seemed this morning. Days like today are when we need a greater strength of character and peace and grace than the realities of pain. Rest and peace to … Continue reading

My day floated (swirled? flushed?) along lemon-and-honey tea. Knightley has some of the same in his sippy cup. Jeremiah had some because he thought it’d be nice to have ‘tea time’. We’re a house of sickos and I need you to share some (natural, pregnancy safe) remedies! Why? Cuz The Towns ‘bug’ has got us … Continue reading

just killin’ time till 7:30

My naturally happy and compliant 13 month old is MISERABLE. I haven’t seen him like this since his newborn weeks. His eyes are gummed shut, his voice is hoarse, and he looks like a little goul with black circles around his bloodshot eyes. As my voice is disappearing and my eyes are burning, I guess … Continue reading

Hello, It’s late, for me at least. But, I’m up and sitting in the darkened kitchen; me, my belly, and a bowl of pumpkin cake and cream. I negelected to load up on calcium and magnesium at dinner time. Sadly, while much of my body is telling me that I’m in need of a deep … Continue reading

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