What I see from here

These days are full of good things. Good, good, wild, and gorgeous! Today, soaking up these three gorgeous wildling boys and the new all-girl of a pup. Moving as fast as baby  steps and as orderly as a toddler Labrador and with the fresh energy of that waiting space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much … Continue reading

every member of the home {a positive look at ‘child labor’}

These early years of babies and playgrounds and travels and projects and scrambling about in the morning have been grand! But as babes grow into boys, studies into shiftwork, and huts into houses, I am witnessing a need to strengthen the foundation of my home and family rhythm. Within that realization is the fact that … Continue reading

Uphill Parenting

It’s the first day of my favorite month! We’re home from our vacation! Weekly posts are going to resume! And…I’m going to kick it off a day early! {I generally post on Mondays} Away we go! Muscles aching and camera brimming with once-in-a-lifetime shots, we returned to my inlaws to boast about our first true … Continue reading

At the end of this unsummerish summer, I’m stopping in to say a) I HAVE been writing…but posting is one more step in the midst of many little feet, b) I AM thinking…which continues to lead to writing which will eventually be posted when I put up my feet, c) Oh wait, I DID post … Continue reading

when it’s not that profound…and it is.

We made it to church this morning! {and by “made it to church” I mean that my three wildling boys and I physically entered our local church sanctuary to pray and listen and read and learn with others who participate in Christ} It was restless and lovely and distracting and thought-provoking. Kind of like The … Continue reading

Feel the rhythm….

I’m a fairly busy gal. My current, dedicated, points of focus include: ‘The obvious’ {God, marriage, three boys ages four and under}, renovating a trashed house, moving, running a small business in which I hand-make the products that I sell, studying towards midwifery {currently preparing for my Anatomy final—eeks!}, holding the fort and pieces while … Continue reading

The Master Mama

Living as a mama is one of those gloriously difficult endeavors. On the one hand, it is a journey of hope and fulfillment as we engage wee souls and witness unique moments of discovery and development. On the other, it is a filthy and frantic scramble through brambles and booby-traps of the home and heart. … Continue reading

Many pieces create a Whole picture

{I wrote this post in an entirely different voice a few days ago. I shared my ‘list’ of reasons and rationale. I gave credit to some beautiful women in my life. I was much more…literal. But now and then my Writing Voice shows Herself. And I love her. So I went for that voice instead. … Continue reading

One year ago….

This was me, one year ago this morning. It was 6:00am, I was showered and scared and about to drive to our local health center for my first ever experience with Cervadil in hopes of inducing laor with our youngest, who was apparently about twelve days overdue.   One year ago…wow. One year ago, we … Continue reading

The other night, I received this kind-hearted messaged. It comes from someone who has seen my boys and sees beauty in my family, but it presented questions and thoughts that hadn’t really crossed my mind. In the chance that others have been wondering the same, I thought I would post it. I hope my response … Continue reading

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