“Pick up your mat…”

I first noticed his unique legs when he was only days old. He was my only baby who refused to push back, to brace his knees, to heroically ‘stand’ on my lap in all of his fresh baby strength. Unlike the other boys, he didn’t jump in the jumper. Instead, he let his feet slide … Continue reading

when it’s not that profound…and it is.

We made it to church this morning! {and by “made it to church” I mean that my three wildling boys and I physically entered our local church sanctuary to pray and listen and read and learn with others who participate in Christ} It was restless and lovely and distracting and thought-provoking. Kind of like The … Continue reading

“Get messy!”

Awhile back, someone recommended the “Magic School Bus” as a great children’s resource. We tracked it down and it soon become a regular feature in our book basket and on the screen. The main character, Ms. Frizzle, has a motto: “Take chances! Make mistakes! And geeeettttt MESSY!!!!” Confession: I don’t like getting messy. Chances are … Continue reading

One year ago….

This was me, one year ago this morning. It was 6:00am, I was showered and scared and about to drive to our local health center for my first ever experience with Cervadil in hopes of inducing laor with our youngest, who was apparently about twelve days overdue.   One year ago…wow. One year ago, we … Continue reading


I took some time to play with some of the photos from the past bit. Some might be repeats, but they’re precious glimpses. In other news: I’ve had a full house and extra helping hands this week. Tomorrow is transition day (again) and then the new week will bring a fresh routine to our days, … Continue reading

Week One Photos


one week

Wow…one week! One week ago tonight, I was becoming acquainted with my newest son and reveling in the story of his arrival. It’s hard to believe that a whole week has flown by already. It’s also hard to believe that he hasn’t been here all along. Balian is amazing. We honestly grin and coo when … Continue reading

a quick hello

I’m crazy over this babe. He’s amazing. A-MAZING. He’s so beautiful. So mysterious. So perfectly wrapped in his dewy freshness and wrinkled newness and wobbling vulnerability. I’m soaking him up. Snuggling and inhaling and celebrating his every breath. What a gift. — We’re baby-mooning over here. I’m exhausted and letting myself feel it, cuz I … Continue reading

Balian Justic: Meaning behind the name

I am so happy. This is the day I’ve been waiting for: home, safe, snuggled, and surrounded by love. My baby is outside of my belly and surrounded by many arms. It took awhile, a long while (and I had the added ‘bonus’ of spending all morning and half the afternoon in the hospital waiting … Continue reading

Balian Justice: Birth Story

This is just the initial story. I expect there will be loads of processing and reflection in the days to come. I hope it makes sense…. I’m not in any ‘romantic writing zone’ just now, this is just what happened, as it happened. So unexpected and random and exactly what it needed to be. Characters: … Continue reading

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