Why I don’t laugh at his ghost stories

“Mama,” he said to me, snuggled in with a ragged sheepskin, soccer ball, dinosaur and who knows what else under his blanket, “I saw ghost at the park today.” “A ghost?” I replied, smiling. “Aw. What was it like?” “He was very big. He was not happy. He was not kind.” “Oh. What did you … Continue reading

It’s Time

Two full seasons. Two full cycles of moon and planting and growth and now, harvest. Many nights have passed since I’ve come to this space to write and share and Open. Can you believe I left this space way back at the Spring Equinox? Far back before the seeds sprouted or the heat and storms … Continue reading

Jem fell asleep on the couch at 7:00pm. He was already bathed and in pj’s, so I just tucked him in, added Knightley to the room, and…slowly…quietly…had a little dance party in the kitchen! WOW! Now, the kitchen is clean! The laundry is (on its way to being) done! The boy’s room was cleaned just … Continue reading

One Year

One year ago today…. I began laboring in the wee early hours and called Jeremy down from the ranch (I had been staying with my in-laws for the previous weeks). A slow morning, irregular contractions, a nap, a walk, and then a sudden mad dash to the hospital for a most beautiful birth (as recorded … Continue reading

in the middle of the night

Some nights are meant to be shared…. With a cold that’s going past one week and a mouthful of budding and bruising new little teeth, the Middle One just will not rest. He was sleeping. We all were. But something awoke him and then he woke his brother and we’ve spent the past, oh…close to … Continue reading

growin’ up

    Although I had ideas of waiting a few months longer, Knightley recently ventured into the world of solid food. His lunges for my spoon with groping mouth like a baby robin finally led me to give him a little taste, and then a little more. Some mashed yams. A bit of curried lentils. … Continue reading

Six Months



  Knightley 3 months     (so many more, similar moments and outfits and such, but it’s late, so this is it for now….)  

Last Visit

With the shift towards colder weather on our mountain, the cabin has suddenly grown chilly in the evenings. I’m not sure if it’s how the logs have settled this past year or if more caulking is needed, but stepping away from the fireplace in the hours after supper demands warm socks and woolies, especially in … Continue reading

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