Self-Care #2: Faces!

Monday already? Somehow I thought that adding another self-care challenge each week would be fairly easy. It turns out that I’m more fargone than I knew! How are your hands? Did you try the scrub? Are we ready to add on? This week…the face! Personal glimpse: I have extremely acenic skin. Oddly enough, my skin … Continue reading

Self-Care Initiative. Week One: Hands

It’s Monday. (a more than manic-Monday in this household as we deal with another flu and all the fun that comes along with it….) Remember the invitation last week? We’re ‘self caring’ together! Every Monday from last week until June 20th, I’ll be posting a reminder/challenge/opportunity to help us move to a more conscientious care … Continue reading

self care initiative

     It was one of those coveted afternoon hours that many mamas dream: all three kiddos were napping at the same time. I leaped across the laundry, thought about the dishes, grabbed my computer, made a salad, brewed a quick cuppa, and hopped into the tub, salad and all. Somewhere between the romaine, Google, … Continue reading

handmade holiday

This year, finally, I completed some steps towards sharing handmade gifts. I’m not going to go into the whole ‘hand made Christmas’ conversation right now, beyond the mention that for my family, it was a mix of desire and necessity. We don’t hold the desire (or the space!) to fill our home with many more … Continue reading

Doing Sick Well

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? To be honest, I’ve hardly been aware of the time passing. I know the past couple of posts have been “Yuck I’m sick” focused, but that’s where I’ve been livin’ so here comes another one. We’ve been sick. It’s “just a flu”, a fact of life, nothing life threatening, so … Continue reading

My day floated (swirled? flushed?) along lemon-and-honey tea. Knightley has some of the same in his sippy cup. Jeremiah had some because he thought it’d be nice to have ‘tea time’. We’re a house of sickos and I need you to share some (natural, pregnancy safe) remedies! Why? Cuz The Towns ‘bug’ has got us … Continue reading

smiling over spilled milk

Lately, I’ve been making fantastic homemade yogurt. It’s thick. It’s created with local raw milk. And it’s my breakfast (with fruit and almonds and a drop of maple syrup) every morning. Earlier this week, I had just sampled an especially perfect batch. But, as I went to scoop the rest out of the draining bowl…I … Continue reading

makeup men

I like make-up. No really, I DO! I don’t often wear it. I’m not great at applying it. But, given the time and effort and a good reason for it, I like what it does to my (scarred, red, irritated…) face. When I was pregnant with Jeremiah and we were in our time of reviewing, … Continue reading

Character in Style

My hair is usually three days old. My capris are bamboo and faded and lovingly worn every other day. As an act of public service, I try not to expose my feet beyond the bath mat. There’s baby-puke on my sweater and cat hair on my toque, a hole in my sock, and a thread … Continue reading

Big Bad Bugs

Before I share more tasty treats, I’d love to hear your thoughts on something, well, not so tasty. I was recently diagnosed with a staph infection (MSRA, MIR resistant…or something like that!). At first I didn’t think it was a big deal. While uncomfortable and unattractive, I was quickly put on some (pricey!) meds and … Continue reading

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