Guest Post over at Becoming Kindred (Pt2)

“As a young woman, I remember day dreaming about the bliss of married life. My friend and I gushed how we simply could not wait to “joyfully submit” to our chosen mates. We pictured how we would come alongside as ‘helpmates’: quietly and dutifully supporting these might men in prayer, and cheerfully creating home and … Continue reading

Forming and finding within the telling

This evening, I find myself reflecting on something unique within women; particularly those who have borne children. I’m thinking about t the pressing, necessary, unquenchable desire to share the story. Childbirth is, in many ways, indescribable. It is a terrible and amazing mystery; an initiation; a transformation. And in the end, after the gush and … Continue reading

Towards Wholeness and Life…in the living

(This is LONG. If you want, just skip down to Pt. 4 and go from there) Hello dear friends, A blog. A story, a record, a community, an expression of art. Relationships, questions, conversations, journeys. A type of map; from and to and in between. So much, yet in some ways…so little. A decade of … Continue reading

One of those women

It’s late and I’m going through photos and telling myself that this computer needs to get backed up real soon and…I found this picture. This is ‘that Anna’ from the SelfCare #2 post. This picture is one of the very few I have of her. It was taken seven years ago. Anyways. For what it’s … Continue reading

Self-Care #2: Faces!

Monday already? Somehow I thought that adding another self-care challenge each week would be fairly easy. It turns out that I’m more fargone than I knew! How are your hands? Did you try the scrub? Are we ready to add on? This week…the face! Personal glimpse: I have extremely acenic skin. Oddly enough, my skin … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

One year ago, I was nearing a ‘perfect peak’ in my exercise routine, ideal weight, and overall physical fitness. We were living within biking distance of a large recreation center where I was able to daily engage in an array of machines and classes, testing myself to go a bit harder and a bit further … Continue reading


Tonight, I am very tired. I am going on 42 weeks pregnant, I am tending these boys on my own, I have ‘that cold’ that’s going around, and I really have no hope of any productive laboring action tonight. I just don’t get it. I just want to cry. I just have nothing left. In … Continue reading

Blessed Anticipation

Last night while sharing an end-of-day phone chat with Jeremy, I stated, “If ever there were a time for me to be struggling, this is it. If ever I needed ‘good reason’ to complain, I’ve got it! If ever I thought I could justify feeling sorry for myself, I’ve got more than enough material. But…I’m … Continue reading

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