Uphill Parenting

It’s the first day of my favorite month! We’re home from our vacation! Weekly posts are going to resume! And…I’m going to kick it off a day early! {I generally post on Mondays} Away we go! Muscles aching and camera brimming with once-in-a-lifetime shots, we returned to my inlaws to boast about our first true … Continue reading

At the end of this unsummerish summer, I’m stopping in to say a) I HAVE been writing…but posting is one more step in the midst of many little feet, b) I AM thinking…which continues to lead to writing which will eventually be posted when I put up my feet, c) Oh wait, I DID post … Continue reading

The Master Mama

Living as a mama is one of those gloriously difficult endeavors. On the one hand, it is a journey of hope and fulfillment as we engage wee souls and witness unique moments of discovery and development. On the other, it is a filthy and frantic scramble through brambles and booby-traps of the home and heart. … Continue reading

Many pieces create a Whole picture

{I wrote this post in an entirely different voice a few days ago. I shared my ‘list’ of reasons and rationale. I gave credit to some beautiful women in my life. I was much more…literal. But now and then my Writing Voice shows Herself. And I love her. So I went for that voice instead. … Continue reading


Sweep the floor, read a story, mop the floor, wipe a nose. Choose the wine, kiss a cheek, knead the dough, and on it goes…. It’s Passover. Seder night. Maundy Thursday. All kinds of terms and titles and descriptions, but really, one reason: The Lamb. As I sweep and cook and wipe and prepare, my … Continue reading

The other night, I received this kind-hearted messaged. It comes from someone who has seen my boys and sees beauty in my family, but it presented questions and thoughts that hadn’t really crossed my mind. In the chance that others have been wondering the same, I thought I would post it. I hope my response … Continue reading

To follow up….

The following is a brief follow-up to last night’s post. Thank you so much for the comments and emails– encouraging. Today was intense. And so worth it. We started the day: Early. and with another snatch of the sugar jar (how…?) and with a bucket of clay face mask dumped on what was left of … Continue reading

Stuck with me

{It is so far past midnight but the evening was well worth it. But, I’ve committed to getting these Monday posts up so here you go. I hope it’s lucid! It’s been a busy few days! ;)} My home, these boys, the emotions and intensity and destruction…it’s a lot, some days. To be more specific, … Continue reading

Where the wild things are

{Note: While the focus of this post is on boys, it is in no way intended to minimize the beautiful wild of girls. There are times when I simply need to focus and write from where I am and what I see, without ‘disclaiming’ and ‘qualifying’ all other perspectives and potentials. YES, girls are beautiful … Continue reading

self care initiative

     It was one of those coveted afternoon hours that many mamas dream: all three kiddos were napping at the same time. I leaped across the laundry, thought about the dishes, grabbed my computer, made a salad, brewed a quick cuppa, and hopped into the tub, salad and all. Somewhere between the romaine, Google, … Continue reading

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