“Pick up your mat…”

I first noticed his unique legs when he was only days old. He was my only baby who refused to push back, to brace his knees, to heroically ‘stand’ on my lap in all of his fresh baby strength. Unlike the other boys, he didn’t jump in the jumper. Instead, he let his feet slide … Continue reading

autumn and Faith and celebration and….

I’m sitting here in darkened room, somewhere between Equinox and Monday. The fire is still burning outside. Bottles and plates and evidences strewn like art around the kitchen. My man has tucked in, my sons hours before him, guests tripping along home. And the moon hangs and hides and peeks. And now, from that balance … Continue reading

When love is war and nothing’s fair

  In  scripture, onto Shakespeare, through rock and roll, and again in every home and glance, we witness: “love hurts”. Somehow, between Love speaking beauty into being and fragments into form, the hope and legacy of love has become twisted. Promises broken. Children slain. Vows despised. And then…repeat. The past years have presented me with … Continue reading

The boy who thinks he hates church

Earlier this summer, this post came out. It served as an inspiration for families and congregations across the continent, including myself. I was refreshed in my {challenging, unique, humorous} Sunday Service moments with my {challenging, unique, humorous} wildling sons. That said, we still are ridiculously inconsistent in our attendance, we still breathe within a fluid/flexing/growing … Continue reading

sow beauty, leave beauty

{I had many more photos and lniks back through the past many years, but they didn’t all work and it’s oh so late. So here is a post which took too long but hopefully holds something of value.} I was sweaty, dirt-caked, and aching. For the passerby, the front yard still looked neglected: overgrown, dandelion’d, … Continue reading

pray always?

I have much to learn about prayer. Really, for a Bible school graduate, it’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m not yet a groomed-and-tuned professional in the area. I mean, it’s just “talking to God”, right? Or wait, isn’t it a private and focused meditative experience? Or…no…it’s warfare! Corporate and pulsing and full of sweat and blood. There’s more … Continue reading

Feel the rhythm….

I’m a fairly busy gal. My current, dedicated, points of focus include: ‘The obvious’ {God, marriage, three boys ages four and under}, renovating a trashed house, moving, running a small business in which I hand-make the products that I sell, studying towards midwifery {currently preparing for my Anatomy final—eeks!}, holding the fort and pieces while … Continue reading

“Unless the Lord builds a house…:

{who am  I kidding…this might be the Monday Post. Life is weird and full and busy. And  find it difficult to hold onto something once it’s on the screen.} — I’ve been thinking lately… If I had just met this man, how would I conduct myself? And…or…. If we had one last year…or month…or week … Continue reading

“You will call your walls salvation, and your gates Praise….”

Once upon a time {well…this month} we purchased a house. Now, purchasing real estate isn’t entirely new to us. We have own a lovely mobile home on a fantastic yard for several years. But, owning our own “it’s a house-house!” home, with stairs, and a basement, and a room to let the wildlings roam, that’s … Continue reading


Sweep the floor, read a story, mop the floor, wipe a nose. Choose the wine, kiss a cheek, knead the dough, and on it goes…. It’s Passover. Seder night. Maundy Thursday. All kinds of terms and titles and descriptions, but really, one reason: The Lamb. As I sweep and cook and wipe and prepare, my … Continue reading

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