The Fruit of Advent

The past weeks have been filled with preparation for believers and families and hearts across the world. Candles have been lit. Readings have been shared. Gifts have been wrapped. Now, on the Eve of the Arrival, most observers of Christmas find themselves in one of two positions: Prepared and ready. Or, Unprepared and grasping. For … Continue reading

Winter Solstice {a few days after the fact}

This is an excerpt from another piece, sharing what this Solstice means to me and my family, and some of the thought within it. And yes, Solstice happened on Friday but we were on the road so…here you go! — Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice is intricately woven into our Advent celebration, and always lands … Continue reading

Today was so full of circles (The dizzying kind! not the sweet swell of cycles but the nauseating spin of “let me off I’m gonna be sick!”). I started too early and with too much snow to drive to the too-valuable appointment which was too far away. Everything spun along from there. But we are nearing … Continue reading

The Eve

Merry Christms! It’s here, we’re here, He’s here. Wow…. What a season. What a mystery…. In this home, this year, this Eve will be quiet and filled with readings and stories and reflections. There will be platters of treats and tiny jars of that peppermint white chocolate, snuggles by the fire, and perhaps an evening … Continue reading


I took myself out this evening. I booked my sitter, made a reservation, ordered the whole gang a big pizza, put out cookies for decorating, put on a dress, packed my Advent book and some Dickens, and drove away for three hours. I sat here for ninety minutes and slowly ate a most perfect offering … Continue reading

Nativity View

I presented the boys with this gift this afternoon. It took over a month of evenings to craft, and it’s far from perfect, but I can see hours and years of Story and play already emerging. I’m pleased. (And, given the reality that it lives in a house of boys, I’ve ordered a photo book … Continue reading

on gifts and…or…giving….

Tis the season for all kinds of engaging seasonal posts and perspectives. I love gaining new thoughts and perspective from the community of bloggers around me, while still having a safe zone to share our own family’s perspective and journey. Today, I’m posting on a question, that of giving gifts. (Most posts this month will … Continue reading

Christmas Fridays

Happy Friday! Throughout this month of seasonally-inspired posts, Fridays will (generally, usually, I hope) be focused on traditions within our family. (I also encourage you to continue checking out Family Fridays which will have a similar focus).For today, I want to share about the fantastic tradition of CHRISTMAS TREE DAY!!! Christmas Tree Day is initially … Continue reading

On the first day of Christmas…Advent Calendar!

This year, I hoped to create an affordable, original, and meaningful advent calendar for my boys. I’ve similar intentions in previous years, but I’ve also had a very persistent case of procrastination with all things seasonal. Sadly, I’m one of those people who thinks of the ultimate birthday gift to mail across the country, on … Continue reading


Today marks the first Sunday of Advent. Beautiful. This evening, we made a fire, poured some ‘Christmas milk’ (ie. Eggnog), and cuddled together for our first readings from this fantastic little book. The boys were attentive enough and J and I were even able to have bits of conversation in between their antics. Within the … Continue reading

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