The Fruit of Advent

The past weeks have been filled with preparation for believers and families and hearts across the world. Candles have been lit. Readings have been shared. Gifts have been wrapped. Now, on the Eve of the Arrival, most observers of Christmas find themselves in one of two positions: Prepared and ready. Or, Unprepared and grasping. For … Continue reading

Winter Solstice {a few days after the fact}

This is an excerpt from another piece, sharing what this Solstice means to me and my family, and some of the thought within it. And yes, Solstice happened on Friday but we were on the road so…here you go! — Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice is intricately woven into our Advent celebration, and always lands … Continue reading

New Years Eve

New Years Eve. Wow. This space has been quiet for me this week as I’ve stepped back and observed the magic of a Papa and his sons, wrapped myself in the fabric of being a family, rested my heavy belly, and remembered what it’s like to have someone else share the burden and the joys. … Continue reading

a view from here

Merry and fun. Quiet and simple. Tasty and rich. Joyous and light.

The Eve

Merry Christms! It’s here, we’re here, He’s here. Wow…. What a season. What a mystery…. In this home, this year, this Eve will be quiet and filled with readings and stories and reflections. There will be platters of treats and tiny jars of that peppermint white chocolate, snuggles by the fire, and perhaps an evening … Continue reading

Eve’s Eve

The eve to Christmas Eve…wow! Isn’t it interesting that while we know it’s coming every year, on the same date, Christmas still somehow ‘sneaks up’ on us? We really could be as prepared as we desire, we really could fulfill all those special projects or begin those meaningful traditions, but somehow life fills up between … Continue reading

Celebrating Solstice, doing our gift exchange, sharing treats and moments. So worth. For many reasons, we saw good things in our choice to do our gift exchange ‘early’ and to enjoy a celebration of the winter solstice. I’m pleased. Used this recipe for my first attempt at a yule log. Pretty tasty! I subbed in … Continue reading

I am So happy. My home is so rich and full, my family is reunited, Solstice is here, Christmas is days away, and there is the presence of growing Light. Oh how His goodness abounds! You know what I find so interesting about today? It’s Solstice! A fact of earth and season and…a ‘pagan’ ritual … Continue reading

changing traditions

I am soo awake! More awake than I have been all day! I am not impressed. It’s past midnight, the boys will be up in a handful of hours, and pregnancy insomnia with restless legs has swept in with shocking strength (my legs are actually twitching as I type here…bizarre). So, all those complaints stated, … Continue reading

handmade holiday

This year, finally, I completed some steps towards sharing handmade gifts. I’m not going to go into the whole ‘hand made Christmas’ conversation right now, beyond the mention that for my family, it was a mix of desire and necessity. We don’t hold the desire (or the space!) to fill our home with many more … Continue reading

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