One World Birth

Wow. This is so worth checking out. Increasingly, from my first pregnancy through to these post-postpartum weeks with this newest tiny, i am being drawn towards…something…within the pregnant and birthing and creating women. A doula? An advocate? Educator? Midwife? Communicator? I don’t know. But watching links like this gets my belly churning as I hear the … Continue reading


It seems as though I am being taught: to be open to anything, to expect nothing, to be thankful for everything, to plan for…now, to quit saying, “I thought” and “If only” and “I can’t” to always declare, “I am open”, “I am willing”, “He can in me”, to realize that unplanning is a Perfect … Continue reading


Tonight, I am very tired. I am going on 42 weeks pregnant, I am tending these boys on my own, I have ‘that cold’ that’s going around, and I really have no hope of any productive laboring action tonight. I just don’t get it. I just want to cry. I just have nothing left. In … Continue reading


Wrestling. Rolling. Turning. You within me. Watching. Sensing. Holding. Me around you. Created within me, for me…for a time. Your world seems so complete. Safe and dark and muted. Everything you think you need. But it is only for a time, only for a cocoon of creation, only a time of prophecy awaiting promise. My … Continue reading

be thankful

I’m sitting here in my husband’s t-shirt and some generously waisted don’t-step-out-in-public pants, bouncing on a birthing ball and rubbing on some clary sage essential oil. It’s one of those moments where I’m almost thankful that my dear lover isn’t home, but also one of those moments where I’d love to bounce on over to … Continue reading

you know you’re past due when:

–          When you eat 5 fresh pineapples in as many days –          When your new answering machine message makes you giggle with sarcastic delight –          When you go for a midnight run through the streets in pj pants and skidoo boots cuz you can’t sleep and this just might work –          When you crave everything … Continue reading

someday it’ll be a year from now

I realize this might be annoying, but this is where I’m living right now: Thoughts on birth, waiting, and delay. If you’ve never being pregnant, or if you’ve ever wondered at the experiences of the ‘overdue’, here is a glimpse. Life happens in twelve hour segments. Every day I wonder “is this the day?” and … Continue reading

in a word

A friend shared this with me. It brought a smile of pleasure and affirmation. I may just keep cycling this post for the next several…weeks.  

{crickets chirping}

{Disclaimer: This isnt’ a poetic or pretty post. It’s one of those detailed explanations with awkward terms and baby details. You’ve been warned 😉 } Months ago, when we moved back to this town, I attended a prenatal appointment (with a different doctor than I am now blessed to have attending me). He spun the … Continue reading

these days, these nights

I hold him close and let him wrap my hair around his fist as he snuggles in, thumb in mouth, tears on cheeks. His elder brother suddenly gives a cry and I shift the younger over the evidence of the youngest and waddle down the hall to give one more caress. It’s a restless night. … Continue reading

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