on a typical friday night

Where did that picture of romance originate? You know, the flowers. The chocolates. The sex on the third date. Where did we learn keep score and run the red and award that action or non-action? And where did they, the “him” in the “us” learn to follow that lead? To put flesh to that picture? … Continue reading

Christian Porn

It seemed so innocent. The cover depicted a woman wearing a high collared dress. A genteel man in the background. A beautiful title. The stamp of a Christian publishing house. They were everywhere: the church library, the bathroom, garage sales. Gifted and purchased and consumed. Page after page proclaimed the power of true love and … Continue reading

and behold, duty was joy

Recently, many peers have shared this quote: I slept and dreamt that life was Joy I woke and saw that life was Duty. I acted, and behold, Duty was Joy.  – Rabindranath Tagore I found it both beautiful and annoying. I liked the sound of it but saw that conclusion seemed to indicate work. While … Continue reading

“Unless the Lord builds a house…:

{who am  I kidding…this might be the Monday Post. Life is weird and full and busy. And  find it difficult to hold onto something once it’s on the screen.} — I’ve been thinking lately… If I had just met this man, how would I conduct myself? And…or…. If we had one last year…or month…or week … Continue reading

Many pieces create a Whole picture

{I wrote this post in an entirely different voice a few days ago. I shared my ‘list’ of reasons and rationale. I gave credit to some beautiful women in my life. I was much more…literal. But now and then my Writing Voice shows Herself. And I love her. So I went for that voice instead. … Continue reading

When the dust unsettles

Saturday mornings are enjoyable for all in our family. The boys receive ‘games and shows day’, J connects with sons and friends, and I leave the house to study. This past Saturday was much the same, except for one thing: upon returning home I discovered that my {ambitious, spontaneous, challenging} husband had torn out our … Continue reading

Repentance and Rocks

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself – and be lenient to everybody else.” – H.W.B. Ward Beecher Browsing various pages online (ie. ignoring my tasks at hand!) led me to the above quote. I’ve read it … Continue reading

While skiing this afternoon, I reflected more on my newest ‘one word’ (“Rise”). It stood out to me how ‘Rise’ is usually presented in the positive. We do not rise away, instead we rise towards or within. At times, we may be called to rise against, but again, that is still moving forward, in the … Continue reading

View from the stinky, sketchy, beautiful, garage

Last Thursday was full, productive, disappointing, and fun. I used the morning completing an autumn goal (I wrote my Anatomy Final. No grade yet.), spent the afternoon in the city (not getting the tattoo I had booked), and shared a slow evening with the family as I kicked-off my own, unofficial, little holiday. That night, … Continue reading

Guest Post at Our Journey Home (a part 3 of sorts to this like and love thoughts….)

“Certain marital and scriptural terms and beliefs are difficult to understand, easy to resent, and [nearly] impossible to apply. One of those words is submission….” Please join me for Family Friday over at Melanie’s space at Our Journey Home. — Full text now posted here: Prelude Certain marital and scriptural terms and beliefs are difficult to understand, … Continue reading

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