Christian Porn

It seemed so innocent. The cover depicted a woman wearing a high collared dress. A genteel man in the background. A beautiful title. The stamp of a Christian publishing house. They were everywhere: the church library, the bathroom, garage sales. Gifted and purchased and consumed. Page after page proclaimed the power of true love and … Continue reading

Self-Care Initiative. Week One: Hands

It’s Monday. (a more than manic-Monday in this household as we deal with another flu and all the fun that comes along with it….) Remember the invitation last week? We’re ‘self caring’ together! Every Monday from last week until June 20th, I’ll be posting a reminder/challenge/opportunity to help us move to a more conscientious care … Continue reading

One World Birth

Wow. This is so worth checking out. Increasingly, from my first pregnancy through to these post-postpartum weeks with this newest tiny, i am being drawn towards…something…within the pregnant and birthing and creating women. A doula? An advocate? Educator? Midwife? Communicator? I don’t know. But watching links like this gets my belly churning as I hear the … Continue reading

half the sky

Too often, when meeting her or chatting with that one or spending time with them, I think: I wish you had known me when I was pretty, eloquent, fashionable. I wish you could have seen my energy, my fitness, my poise. I wish I could display and explain and show case all that I was, … Continue reading

when words fail

Do you ever wonder, “What are they thinking? What am I saying? Oh dear…” (of course you do, you’re bloggers and blog readers!) This morning I shared ‘my story’ at the Mom’s Group. And I felt like a dumb-dumb. See, here’s the thing: ‘Sharing my story’ used to take the form of some hyper-ministry testimony … Continue reading

Not just becoming (it’s a long one)

Happy weekend! We had a chilly fall rain just now. Lots of wind and water and clouds. Beautiful. September is by far my most favorite month in the year. That mix of warmth and cooling, the changing of colors, the lingering evenings, the excuse for a sweater—good stuff. Right now, it means that the last … Continue reading


While reading an edition of Macleans at the gym this morning, I was struck by an article on ‘non-book clubs’ (that wasn’t the title, but it was along that line….). In short, today’s modern (overworked, time strained, ambitious, technically savvy) woman doesn’t have time to work through Oprah’s Book Club picks (usually presenting around 500 … Continue reading

To do. To be.

Restless. Wondering. Pacing in my mind. This is how I often feel these days. Perhaps it’s the weather (Cold. Colder.). Maybe it’s the frustrating fact that we (still!) really don’t know what life will look like one month from now. It’s likely related to the fact that I’m newly thirty years old and, at least … Continue reading

how do i say this?

This weekend has been so fantastic. So so good. Friday evening presented a couple of hours for Jeremy and I to sit, catch up with each other, and for me to receive a bouquet of flowers(!). It was such a gift to just have some time out and connected in the midst of this busy … Continue reading

a weekend away

Last weekend I finally made it down the highway to my old Prairie town (that same town in which I began this blog two years ago this month!). The roads were dry and open. The air was warmed by Chinook winds. The boys (once they were wrestled into the car) were happy and cooperative. Since my ipod … Continue reading

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