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<div align=”center”><a href=”http://www.speronaturals.com&#8221; title=”Spero Naturals”><img src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Eo7N6-Qv5HY/UlSjdwEvOBI/AAAAAAAAC1g/HjkX4xuNSd0/s128/P1012804%20-%20Copy.JPG?gl=CA&#8221; alt=”Spero Naturals” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> This isn’t exactly ‘whole dei’ ‘ish, but it IS where I spend much of my time when I’m not here or studying or chasing kiddos or recovering from those things. A pro-blogger friend inspired me to get going on a button. This one isn’t quite … Continue reading

Towards Wholeness and Life…in the living

(This is LONG. If you want, just skip down to Pt. 4 and go from there) Hello dear friends, A blog. A story, a record, a community, an expression of art. Relationships, questions, conversations, journeys. A type of map; from and to and in between. So much, yet in some ways…so little. A decade of … Continue reading


I really need to get offline and just quit for a minute, but I couldn’t help fiddle with a few more things. For those who want to check it out….. Posts will swirl around about 20 ‘categories’ ranging from God to Women to Food to…etc. I’ve created ‘pages’, which you see on the site as … Continue reading

1st Day. New Year.

A new year. What a privilege. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be thinking through the purpose of this blog. It began as a record and sounding board for our grand ‘gypsy trek’ when we left this town three years ago and began a journey of change and challenge. Over the past three … Continue reading

meeting the muse

While living on the ranch, I experienced a season of ‘creative flow’ unique to anything I had experienced before. There was something about the mindlessness of shoveling horse dirt and throwing bales which allowed my artistic mind to shift into something entirely open and vivid. I loved it! There were days in which I would … Continue reading

Horse balls and Fairy Tales

Hello and happy Saturday! It seems that the weekends have been slipping away without a pause or even an awareness that, techinically, we’re allowed to stop and just ‘be’ for a minute. We’re still scrambling to find a sense of flow and routine up on this mountain and until we are really on top of … Continue reading

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