Of Women

I am Woman.
I am drawn to the stories and expressions and unique roles and opportunities of women.

I used to like discussing the ‘traditional debates’ of women in the church/leadership or what can a woman do or not do or what about this certain title or role and how about…etc. But, to be honest, I now find those bits of chatter to be nothing more than scuffs and petty scratches on the surface.

To be Woman…WOW. It is a rich and colored and deep and flowing presence and reality. We have been created to be creators. Whether we physically give birth or not, we are  Mothers. We are gifted with a sense of sacred nurture, wombs of body and spirit, sight that goes beyond what is seen.

I desire my life to be lived well, not only as a person on earth, but as a woman. As a woman of Faith. As a woman of questions. As a giver of life. As an open bosom and wise tongue. As a woman aptly expressing the attributes of God which are, indeed, feminine.

The posts categorized under this page share thoughts, questions, challenges, and experiences in the the beauty and question of being a woman. I look forward to discovering more of this beauty and depth with you.


Thoughts? Comments? Hmm....

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