When love is war and nothing’s fair

  In  scripture, onto Shakespeare, through rock and roll, and again in every home and glance, we witness: “love hurts”. Somehow, between Love speaking beauty into being and fragments into form, the hope and legacy of love has become twisted. Promises broken. Children slain. Vows despised. And then…repeat. The past years have presented me with … Continue reading

While skiing this afternoon, I reflected more on my newest ‘one word’ (“Rise”). It stood out to me how ‘Rise’ is usually presented in the positive. We do not rise away, instead we rise towards or within. At times, we may be called to rise against, but again, that is still moving forward, in the … Continue reading

Guest Post at Our Journey Home (a part 3 of sorts to this like and love thoughts….)

“Certain marital and scriptural terms and beliefs are difficult to understand, easy to resent, and [nearly] impossible to apply. One of those words is submission….” Please join me for Family Friday over at Melanie’s space at Our Journey Home. — Full text now posted here: Prelude Certain marital and scriptural terms and beliefs are difficult to understand, … Continue reading

Guest Post over at Becoming Kindred (Pt2)

“As a young woman, I remember day dreaming about the bliss of married life. My friend and I gushed how we simply could not wait to “joyfully submit” to our chosen mates. We pictured how we would come alongside as ‘helpmates’: quietly and dutifully supporting these might men in prayer, and cheerfully creating home and … Continue reading

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