autumn and Faith and celebration and….

I’m sitting here in darkened room, somewhere between Equinox and Monday. The fire is still burning outside. Bottles and plates and evidences strewn like art around the kitchen. My man has tucked in, my sons hours before him, guests tripping along home. And the moon hangs and hides and peeks. And now, from that balance … Continue reading

First Week Lent

Only weeks ago, or so it seems, we were in the glow of Advent. Now the days of Lent are upon us. I love that about The Calender: always present, always pausing, always moving, always giving form and shape to our days. There is always much to reflect on during these forty days. Countless writers, … Continue reading

Winter Solstice {a few days after the fact}

This is an excerpt from another piece, sharing what this Solstice means to me and my family, and some of the thought within it. And yes, Solstice happened on Friday but we were on the road so…here you go! — Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice is intricately woven into our Advent celebration, and always lands … Continue reading

Respiration: Cycles & Seasons

{Midnight last night, I suddenly jolted in bed and remembered: “It’s Monday! I didn’t post my Monday post!” I usually write during the week so that I know the Monday post is ready to go. So, while I had this post ready on Sunday, I neglected to post it! I think I’ve been a bit … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day


March holds several unique and beautiful celbratory days: International Women’s Day, Spring Solstice, and today…St. Patricks Day. (Note: this photo was taken eight years ago during our internship in Ireland. Oh Ireland….) Our home is somewhere between another diaper and another load of laundry to hang in the midst of a long and messy stomach flu … Continue reading

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