How it all began

Journal Excerpt: December 7th 2008: I am in a most challenging and positive time in my life. I am inspired. I am troubled. I am discontent in a manner which gives energy and focus. I am exhausted but affirmed. I am pleased with my progress, dissatisfied with my current position, excited for what is ahead. This is good.

The Conversation
(Scene opens)
Wife waiting for Husband. He’s late. Supper ready, baby happy, coffee brewing.
(Husband enters)
Wife: Hi! Welcome home! You’re late, I was getting worried! Supper’s ready when you are.
(Baby laughs and waves as husband stands in the doorway)
Husband: So… guess what? (dry chuckle) I was just laid off….
Wife: ….
Wife: Wooooow…. Hm…. I love you.
Husband: I love you.
Wife: Wow…. crazy….
Husband: Yup, good times. (another chuckle)
(husband and wife stand in embrace)
(Baby laughs and blows bubbles at his Papa)
Wife: Well. I made supper and there’s fresh coffee. Let’s eat.
Husband: Thanks Love….
(Couple clasps hands in prayer. Baby laughs.)
Wife: Well. I love you. So… recession. Crazy company.
Husband: Yeah…but it’s all good. Let’s take a look at things and see what could be, ya never know….
Wife: Hon’…it’s the week before Christmas. When does this start?
Husband: Effective immediately.
Wife: Wow!
(Baby reaches for his Papa)
Husband: I was kinda looking forward to the Christmas party. I already rsvp’d….
Wife: Ha. Yeah…. Well, I love you crazy man. Time to see what’s coming…..
Husband: I love you.
(Baby laughs, unaware)

It was in that embrace that we, the husband the wife and the blissfully unaware baby, came to meet the door opening before us and began to understand the manifestation of months of unknown preparation and reflection. Unemployed, indebted, and already exhausted: we had just been handed a key to a new life.

Basically, from there we prayed and pondered and wondered…and then wandered. We sold and packed and planned. Then we loaded up the rest, moved West, started our own sweet little coffee roasting business, and camped (literally) in my in-laws driveway for the better half of a year. It was totally ridiculous and remains one of the best things we ever did.
Leaving and risking and being that uncomfortable in the midst of everything unknown began to stir up way more than we ever expected. Camping and working in a stinky old RV with a stubborn man and a 6-month old baby loses its romance fairly quickly (which was somehow a surprise to me….). We thought that stepping into a new life and diving into something like this was kind of an answer in itself, but it turns out that it was just the beginning of the questions. I had no idea.

Christmas 2008

3 Responses to “How it all began”
  1. I am loving you. (Came over here from Momastery.) You amaze me with your combination of positivity, honesty, realness, hard work, dreams, creativity, excitement/passion, and basically love of life through all its toughness. So far I’m getting the impression that you don’t shut your eyes to anything — you look into dark corners, open yourself up to the painful, and seek growth no matter how difficult it may be, all of which I respect you highly for — and yet you don’t stop loving and celebrating life with incredible openness, youthful spirit and vibrancy. Reading about you is like soul elixir — it’s as invigorating as a sweet-tasting mountain stream flowing fast through a springtime that’s chilly yet full of the promise of growth. How could anything BUT spiritual health, growth, and goodness be ahead of you when you are so full of faith and love? Wow.

    • Dea' says:

      WOW. Hi! Good morning! These words were a *gift *to wake up to this morning. Thank you! How kind! I do desire to step ahead with eyes wide open, but have so often found myself with shut eyes and heart; wishing I could gain the wisdom without the lesson. Oh life! 😉 Oops…would write more but I can smell that I’m burning the oatmeal!! Rest&Hope! Dea’

  2. And P.S…. my heart skipped a beat when I saw that your second son’s middle name is Tolkien. As if I needed another reason to like you. 😉 I love J.R.R. Tolkien as a person even more than I love his books, although of course I do love his books as well. (But I like C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald even better, which I mention because I saw where you said C.S. Lewis was one of your favorite authors.) 🙂 🙂

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